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25 Blog Topics for Any Business

Coming up with blog topics can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to the online world or feeling particularly uninspired. Here are 24 topic ideas you can cultivate and develop for virtually any business.

  1. How to – Explain how to do something in your industry.
  2. Pros and Cons – What are the benefits of a topic or idea in your industry? What are the downsides?
  3. Review – Write a review of a product or service that’s related to your field.
  4. Interview – Whether it’s an employee or an industry expert, an interview is an interesting piece that can cover topics and ideas that might be too general for a traditional blog post.
  5. Timeline – Pick a service you offer or something related to your industry. What’s the timeline for completion? To grow a garden, design a handbag, develop a website, create a logo?
  6. FAQ – What are some of the questions you’re most asked by your customers? Cover one (or more) of these in a blog!
  7. Glossary – Have a lot of industry jargon in your field? Create a glossary of some of the terms you see confused the most.
  8. Event recap – If you’ve recently been to a live (or online) event, share what you learned in an event Recap. Bonus points if you have photos of the event!
  9. Did You Know – As an expert in your field, you have insight your clients may not. Share some of the little-known tidbits of information they’ll find interesting.
  10. “Back When…” – No matter how long you’ve been in business, you’ve learned some big things. Share some of the mistakes you made “back when” and how you do things differently now.
  11. Success Story – Surely your customers would love some kudos from you. Tell a success story spotlighting them. It’s a win-win: A blog post for you and publicity for them!
  12. Industry Stats – Draw attention to your industry as a whole with local, state-wide or national statistics about what you do.
  13. Best Industry Reads – What are you reading? Share some of the best books you’ve read about your work.
  14. Hiring/Buying Checklist – No matter what type of business you’re in, you’re the best expert in what your customers should ask about before they hire or buy from you. Provide a checklist about a specific product or service.
  15. What You Should Know – Similar to the checklist, give your audience a list of things they should know before investing in a business like your own.
  16. A Day in the Life – What does your typical day look like? Share it with your audience!
  17. Top 10 – What are the 10 best things about your industry? What are the 10 must-have tools for you (or your audience)? There are SO many places you can go with a top 10 list.
  18. Blog Refresh – Take an old blog and rewrite it, from a different perspective. Focus on something that has changed since your first post, or something new you can add to it.
  19. Before and After – If you’re a designer or in a visual industry, this is a no-brainer. But it also works for other business types too.
  20. DIY – Teach your audience how to do something themselves, even if it’s one of your services. You’re spotlighting your expertise, which will help them grow to know, like and trust you.
  21. Favorites List – Who are the big names in your industry? Who are your favorites to follow? Provide a list. You’re educating your audience and growing the trust factor.
  22. On a Budget – Everyone wants to save some cash. If a customer wants to save money on something they need from your industry, what are some tips you’d provide?
  23. In the Office – If you’re an online business, putting a face (and place) to your biz can make a huge impact. Take some photos of yourself in your office space and share them with your followers.
  24. Favorite Quotes – Professionals seem to have quotes that serve as their mantras. Share some of the quotes that really resonate with you—and tell why.
  25. Blog About Your Blog – Why are you blogging? What do you hope your audience gains from it? Write a blog about the purpose of your blog. It’s sure to help you come up with new ideas!


Let’s expand this list! What are some topic ideas you keep coming back to?

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