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5 tips for awesome content user experience

5 Tips for Awesome Content User Experience

5 tips for awesome content user experience

5 Tips For Awesome Content User Experience

There’s a lot of talk about website user experience today, but I have yet to hear anyone talk about content exclusively. Sure, you want to make sure that your readers can find what they’re looking for on your website. And your site needs to load quickly (or your audience will bounce right off and onto the next person’s site).

But what about the content itself? Are you turning people off because they’re not having a good experience while reading your website (or emails, or social posts)?


Using all caps is a good way to get noticed, but likely not in the way you want. I don’t see this as often as I used to, but occasionally I still get “yelled” at by someone who uses all caps in an email newsletter or social post.

Not only is all caps difficult to read, it’s also not a very polite way to post content. There’s no real “voice” in all-caps text, other than a loud individual that lacks the social couth of personal space. It also makes you sound superior, which is never a good thing. If you must emphasize something, use italics or capitalize ONE word. Not an entire post.

[bctt tweet=”Not only is all caps difficult to read, it’s also not a very polite way to post content” username=””]

Make it readable

Too often I visit a website, only to find that the very beautiful font is just unreadable. Maybe I’m old, but delicate sans serif fonts with fine lines in a less-than-bold color are just too difficult to read. So be kind to your audience and include a font that’s readable. And if you’re not sure, ask a few people outside your immediate circle. Better yet, ask someone over 40!

Don’t go overboard

I get that email is a great place to target your audience, but heck if I don’t get an email (or three!) from some of the same people over and over again. And just because they’re not unsubscribing doesn’t mean that they’re okay with being bombarded with email after email from you selling this product or that service.

Respect your audience’s inboxes. Sure, use email as a sales tool. But it’s not necessary to send the same emails to the same people for days on end. (And yes, I’ve seen that.)

[bctt tweet=”Respect the inbox. Don’t inundate your audience with emails.” username=””]

Proofread. Please!

I can’t be the only one who is quickly turned off when something I’m reading is riddled with errors. No one is perfect (not least of all me!), but when I see major spelling and grammatical errors in a Facebook post or blog I just stop reading. I get that relaxing some of those pesky rules brings out your voice and personality. Trust me, I teach that to my clients. But when basic grammar rules are completely ignored (its vs. it’s and blatant word usage errors, for starters), you start to look unprofessional and lazy.

If you’re in the writing zone, great! But be sure to go back and read through your copy again before you hit “publish.” And if you were sleeping all the way through your high school English classes (aka your grammar isn’t something you would write home about), hire a VA or editor to help. Your readers will thank you!

[bctt tweet=”It’s okay to ignore some writing rules, but make it intentional.” username=””]

Make links open to a new window

I totally have ADD when it comes to browsing the internet. And if I find something I’m reading valuable I’ll click on the links within that blog post. But when that link opens up to the same window that your blog falls on—poof! You’ve just lost your readers. You’ve allowed them to navigate away from your website and now they’re on to something else. I actually wrote a blog about this, so hop over there to get more information!

Wherever you’re putting your content—whether it’s in an email, on your website or on social media—think about your readers as you’re writing and posting. After all, it’s them you’re writing for (not yourself!).






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