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8 About Page Mistakes

When you pique someone’s interest, they’re going to check out your website to find out more about you. And one of the first places they’re going to stop is your About page. Because they want to know you, not just buy from you.

Having a quality About page is one of the most important pages on your website and crafting the right message is not something you should take lightly. Whether you write it yourself or work with a copywriter, these are some of the mistakes I see most often.

1. I don’t know what you look like

With all the business being conducted online today, there’s a human element missing. You. I love to buy online, but I also like to connect to others and know who I’m working with. I know I’m not alone. Including a photo of yourself on your About page adds a personal touch that your audience might crave.

2. You haven’t told me why

No, not why I should hire you. Why do you do what you do? Why are you so passionate about your business? To me, having a powerful “why” means you’ll work that much harder to be successful—which means you’ll work that much harder to do good work.

Your why doesn’t have to match mine; in fact, it likely doesn’t. Instead, it gives me more information about where you’re coming from as a business owner and how we might be able to connect. And your why can also change as you and your business grow.

3. You don’t sound like a real person

Whether you’re a solopreneur or own a business with several employees, write your About page in first person. This makes it more personal and makes me feel like you’re talking directly to me. It also helps you to sound like you’re talking to me, not at me.

Of course, the message you portray is important too. I’m all about being real online. So be you—the real you, not the social media you. There’s so much noise online today that it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s fabricated. Yes, people really do make stuff up online. Shocker, I know. Don’t be that person that sits up on a pedestal, thanks to all your “experience and success.” Just be you. You’ll attract a lot more like-minded clients who respect you for who you are. And if you do have loads of experience and success, great! Be sure to project that in a way that still makes you approachable.

[bctt tweet=”Your About page needs to show that you’re a real person, just like the rest of us!”]

4. It’s waaaaay tooooo lonnnnng

I totally get that SEO requires longform content, and that 2,000-word pages get more hits than shorter pages. But do you really have that much to say about yourself without repeating the story of your first day in business? I address this in my blog about the ideal blog length. The message: Write until you’re done saying what you want to say. That’s how long your About page should be.

5. You think it’s all about you

What’s that? Your About Me page isn’t all about you? Nope. It’s about connecting with your audience so they will want to do business with you. Be yourself, tell your story, but know that the reader is looking for a reason to connect with you further. If they’re not inspired by what they see, they’ll move on. Be clear about what they’ll get when they connect with you—without selling it.

[bctt tweet=”Your About page isn’t about you. It’s about finding a connection with your audience.”]

6. It reads like a resume

Your About Me page isn’t meant to be a resume. It’s to set you apart from the competition. Save the links to your work and bulleted job experience for your LinkedIn profile. Instead, include narrative text in your own, sassy (or serious) voice. Tell a story and draw your reader in.

7. It’s a sales page in disguise

The reality is that you developed your website so you’d get noticed online and have a place to sell your products and services. Yep, me too. That’s what’s so great about living and working in the online age—we can sell without ever having to change out of our pj’s! But your About page shouldn’t be about making those sales. Sure, it can help. Because now we know that you’re a real person with a passion for what you do. Don’t pitch a sale on your About page. Instead, give your audience a reason to want to keep clicking through your website to find out how they can work with you.

8. You think it’s “done”

As long as you’re still living and breathing (and still working in your biz), your About page is never done. Don’t be afraid to polish it up, tweak it, revise your why or scrap it and rewrite it altogether if it no longer speaks to your ideal audience. Just like the rest of your website, your About page is a living, breathing document that can and will change throughout the life of your business.

[bctt tweet=”Your About page is never done. It can (and should!) grow as you and your business grow.”]

When was the last time you tweaked your About page? The time is now! As of this writing, I’m in the process of a complete website overhaul. I took a bit of time out to refresh my own About page and add some additional text that I thought speaks more about my business now than it did the last time I worked on my site. And if you’re struggling, I’d love to help you with yours!

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