Your AI Prompt Writing Partner - The Content Experiment

Finally! AI Content That Sounds Like YOU!


Does the thought of using AI to write your content freak you out?

Worried you’ll sound exactly like everyone else?

Constantly battling limited time and budget, wishing there was a way to get more done in less time?

I hear you, and I'm here to help!

You really can leverage AI to save time and money but let’s be real:

Everything that comes out of ChatGPT, Claude, and other tools is… well… Crap.

Especially if you don’t know how to make it work for your specific needs.
And there IS a way to do that …

As a busy business owner myself, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to keep up with the ever-growing demands of content creation. 

I can show you how to create content with AI...and still have it sound like you (while saving you loads of time and money)!

I've made it my mission to become an expert in AI prompt writing – so you don't have to!

  • Imagine freeing up your time to focus on what you do best: running your business. 
  • No more late nights spent hunched over your keyboard, struggling to come up with fresh ideas. 
  • No more frustration over lackluster results from your content efforts.
  • No more working with a content writer who is either tough on your wallet or just not creating the content you were looking for.

Hi, I’m Abby, your dedicated AI Prompt Writing Partner. And when you work with me, you get access to the power of AI-generated content without the steep learning curve.

I'll work closely with you to understand your unique needs and create custom prompt templates that drive results. And I'll be by your side every step of the way, providing ongoing support and optimization to ensure your content remains top-notch.

How it Works...

Initial Consultation: Let's Get to Know Each Other

First things first, let's chat! I want to get to know your business inside and out. During our initial consultation, we'll discuss:

  • Your specific pain points and challenges when it comes to content creation
  • Your target audience and what makes them want to buy
  • Your brand voice and content preferences
  • How AI-generated content can help you achieve your goals

Together, we'll craft a comprehensive 90-day content strategy that aligns with your objectives and sets you up for success.


Getting the Work Done:
Leave the Heavy Lifting to Me

Once we've got a plan in place, you can sit back and relax while I work my magic. I'll:

  • Design customizable prompt templates tailored to your specific needs (and test it again and again to make sure we’ve got it right!)
  •  Create a brand voice guideline to ensure consistency across all your AI-generated content
  • Generate high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your target audience

You'll have a powerful tool at your fingertips, ready to help you create content that drives results – without the hassle of doing it all yourself.

"Working with Abby on my AI prompt development was one of the most fun and innovative things I’ve done in my business in a long time! Obviously having an entire summer's worth of content created for me was AMAZING but what was even cooler was learning how Abby uses AI for this type of work, so I can recreate what she did for me and continue to build upon it. I’ve always been apprehensive of AI making me sound like a robot, but with Abby’s guidance I think I’ll be using it a whole lot more!"

- Morgan Specht

Ongoing Support: I've Got Your Back

I'm not just here for the setup – I'm in it for the long haul. As your dedicated AI Prompt Writing Partner, I offer:

  • Training and support to help you and your team effectively use the prompts
  • Quality assurance to ensure your content is top-notch and aligns with your brand
  • Ongoing support and prompt updates as your needs evolve and AI technology advances

You'll never have to navigate the world of AI-generated content alone again.

Quarterly Check-ins: Let's Keep Things Fresh

Every quarter, we'll regroup to:

  • Optimize your prompts based on performance data and your feedback
  • Track your content's performance and provide insights for improvement

We'll make sure your AI-generated content stays fresh, relevant, and effective, so you can continue to see results long-term.

Want to Leave it All to Me?

You’re in luck! If you don’t have a dedicated team member to create your content for you, tag me and I’m it!

In addition to all of the above, I will create your regular nurturing content for you, then load and schedule it on…your website, your YouTube channel, your podcast host, your email service, your social media… Wherever you consistently publish content (or wish you did!), I’ll make it happen.

Ready to Take Your Content to the Next Level?

If you're ready to say goodbye to the stress and frustration of content creation and hello to high-quality, AI-generated content that drives results, I'm here to help. Book a call with me today, and let's discuss how my AI prompt writing service can help you achieve your goals – without breaking the bank or sacrificing all your precious time.


Don't wait – take the first step towards streamlining your content creation process and achieving the results
you've been dreaming of.

Book your free consultation now, and let's get started!

Pricing starts at $2500 a quarter.

If you want to leave it all to me and have me create and publish your content for you, pricing starts at $1750 a month with a 6-month minimum commitment.

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