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Discover Your Heart in Your Brand and Capture the Hearts of Your Dream Clients



As entrepreneurs, we have a heart and passion that we want to translate into a gorgeous brand that stands out in this crazy online world. It is so important to have a voice that sets you apart. There is nothing more disheartening than feeling like your brand doesn’t show your heart and attract the clients you’d love to work with. So what do we do? We hold back, and sometimes we cringe when we have to share our branding that is not quite how we want it to be.

We know people are going to judge us by what they see and it can make us feel icky when we know what they see isn’t really a reflection of who we are and what we have to offer.

If you’ve ever thought something like this about your brand…

  • My brand just doesn’t feel like me
  • My website doesn’t represent what I imagine my business to look and feel like
  • I’ve grown a lot since starting my business and my brand doesn’t feel like me NOW….

Then you probably know that your brand is missing some heart.

The process of ironing out a brand that fits you and connects with your dream clients is a journey. So piecing it all together and fine-tuning it can take time. All of us make some progress, get stuck, tweak, change and then finally find our direction.

The key is to find your direction sooner rather than later.

In this post, I lay out exactly what you can do and some questions you can ask yourself to start discovering who you really are as a brand and how to infuse your heart into everything from your logo to your website design to your social media presence.

Take a deep breath, a sip of your copy, and open up your heart…

Know Who You Are and Let it Show

To infuse your heart into your brand, you have to know who you are and knowing who you are can have two major impacts on your brand.

Knowing who you are at your core will:

  1. Ignite confidence and courage

When you discover and stand firm on who you were uniquely created to be, you’ll discover that being you is not only ok, but it’s incredibly liberating.

When you learn about your personality and gifts, you start to understand what you bring to the table, which brings confidence. Then, once you unlock how you can tap into your strengths to strengthen your brand, well…you find the courage to put yourself out into the world in a big way.

I walk through this in depth in my Design Your Authentic Brand workbook, but I’m going to give you some quick and easy questions to ask to start figuring that out today.

  1. Provide a filter for decision making

Ok, so this type of filter isn’t as entertaining and fun as the Snapchat ones, but it is definitely more effective for your biz.

By understanding your core and who you are, you’ve now developed a powerful filter for decision making.

Instead of letting Facebook Ads, your fave weekly podcasts, and others’ opinions tell you what you should do, could do or need to be, you can look to your unique combination of strengths, values and passions.

When you run your business decisions through the filter of who you truly are, you automatically start to infuse your heart into your brand.

Look at These Two Key Elements to Discover Who You Are

Dig into who you are by looking at:

Your Gifts and Passions


Your Values and Standards

The easiest way you can start to uncover your true gifts and passions is to ask yourself:

What can I do that helps my audience and simultaneously makes my heart happy?

The easiest way you can start to uncover your deep underlying values and moral leanings is to ask yourself:

What does my heart naturally tell me to take a stand for? Does this value or moral draw the right people in and push the wrong people away?

(By saying “wrong people,” we’re trying to avoid the clients who weigh you down, demand too much of your time or don’t want to pay your full prices. Ugh, we all have had those experiences, but they’re full of such great lessons we can use to propel ourselves forward.)

Just being in tune with these few things will help your brand start to flourish, because the true you will start spilling over into everything you do.

And when that happens…

You’ll start bringing in clients who resonate with your personality, vision and values.

Your vibe attracts your tribe, right?!

Infusing your heart into your brand in a way that resonates with your audience involves more than just answering these two questions, but I hope these get you on your way.

Hi! My name’s Alicia, but you, my friend, can call me Ally. You built your business to have more time with your family, not to keep you away from them. I create branded client experiences for photographers and creative entrepreneurs that beautifully share your heart’s story from the first moment your dream client connects with your brand. From your welcome email to your logo, from your price sheet to your website, I create more time for you and your littles with intentional design. You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or visit my website!

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