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3 Unexpected Outcomes From a Shift in My Business



If you’re like me, you feel like you’re constantly in “shift” mode in your business. Not because you’re constantly changing what you’re offering or the goals in your business, but because you’re always learning new things and adjusting what you’re doing for clients to match your new knowledge.

But I think bigger shifts are important too, and I am in the midst of that right now. It’s something I’m taking on slowly because I want to take care of my clients and educate them before making any big changes.

The biggest part of my shift is adding a new service: content strategy. It’s something I’ve done “behind the scenes” for clients for some time, but on a very surface level. I didn’t have the time or the resources to dive deep into strategy; only enough to offer suggestions and guidance.

Moving forward with larger strategy packages has brought new life to my business and sparked an excitement in me that I didn’t know was there. Well, I did. But not to this level.

It’s given me a new excitement for my business and the content I’m providing to my audience. And this new shift is taking me to the next level in my business and my mindset.

When was the last time you made a big shift in your business? Or even a series of smaller shifts that took you to a new place?

Creation Mode

I love to create things. Not in the artsy-craftsy way that my sister and mom are so good at. Nope, I like taking big ideas and putting them in a logical order so something big comes out on the other side. First, that was the strategy programs in general that I recently put together in the midst of my shift. Then it was the marketing of those programs. And now? Well, now I get to dive into my clients’ businesses and help them put together a strategy to move their businesses forward (and make content creation SO much easier for them).

New Ah-Ha Moments

An ah-ha moment is what sparked my shift in the first place, but during the transition there were so many more lightbulbs that went off. Identifying what my clients really needed (and putting that together for them), starting a YouTube channel and tweaking the content on my website opened my eyes to a whole new direction for my business. I didn’t turn left instead of right, but rather merged onto a new road traveling in the same direction I was already going.

Teacher Mode

One of the things I loved about being a teacher was that every August was a new beginning. My classroom was clean (for once). A new batch of kids came in. It was like a clean slate, and I always looked forward to it.

I lost two things when I left my teaching job to grow my business full time: The ability to start with a clean slate every year and taking the summers off. I’m still mourning the loss of those summers, but business owners always have the ability to create a clean slate and go into teacher mode.

New clients, new projects, new content, new directions. These all give me the clean slate that I love. And “teacher mode” goes well beyond this.

I love that I get to educate and empower my audience every day. And that this shift is allowing me to teach in my monthly free masterclass series. Because as much as I didn’t like teaching in the public education setting, I do love being able to teach others.

Making a shift in business is a lot of work, but it’s so worth it. Part of the joy of being a business owner is that I get to follow my heart and work on the project that lift me up and get me excited.

What was your last business shift? Let me know, and what you took away from it!

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