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How to Choose Your Content Centerpiece



There’s one main way you like to communicate with your audience, whether it’s your Facebook group, YouTube channel, blog or another place where you show up consistently. That, my friend, is your content centerpiece.

But I like to show up in all the places.

Great! Then you can easily develop a cohesive content strategy that allows you to reach and engage with a broad audience of your ideal clients. But it’s a good idea to pick a content centerpiece that you build all your other content around.

But…wait…I see other business owners creating tons of content all over the place.

Yep. I see it too. But two things are likely happening: Either the business owner doesn’t have a strategy and is posting content willy-nilly (yes, a real word) OR she has a content strategy in place and has a rhyme and reason for every post.

The key here is to allow each piece of your content to work together—no matter what platform you’re posting on. Starting with your content centerpiece.

If you have multiple streams of content, it’s time to choose one to plan the rest of your content around. Here’s what to ask yourself:

  • Where do you like to spend your time online?
  • What feels right to you? Where are you most comfortable?
  • What kind of content can you produce regularly?

It’s probably no surprise to you that my blog is my content centerpiece. It’s the first thing I create for my business. But that’s not because I hang out on my blog online. It’s because I’m a writer and am most comfortable tapping my keyboard. While earning the SEO “points” I get from regularly publishing on my website is great, I get more satisfaction out of teaching my audience something. It feels good. And writing blog posts is easy for me. SO much easier than building a strategy around my YouTube channel or my Instagram account (though I post in both those places regularly too).

Okay, I know what my content centerpiece is. Now what?

So glad you asked! Once you know what your content centerpiece is, it’s time to start creating your content strategy. Ask yourself these 10 questions before you get started. You’ll want to look at what’s coming up in your business and what topics will help you drive traffic for your launch or a service you want to expand. Plot it out for your content centerpiece. Then build the content for your other content streams around these topics—building on the centerpiece; not regurgitating the information.

Not convinced you need a content strategy? Watch my video and let me tell you why it will help your content strategy SO much easier to implement.

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