Create Content That Truly Engages Your Audience
Create Content That Truly Engages Your Audience

Create Content That Truly Engages Your Audience

In the ever-evolving online business world, the game has changed. (Or maybe it hasn’t just recently changed, but it’s truly time to take notice!)

It’s no longer about amassing a massive following or boasting an impressive email list. The real key to online success lies in creating content that ignites a fire within your audience, compelling them to take action.

Listen in to this week’s podcast episode as I share some secrets to crafting engaging content that gets noticed. Forget vanity metrics – I’ll show you the hidden power behind genuine audience engagement and why it’s more valuable than follower counts could ever be.

I will share surefire strategies to deeply understand your audience’s burning questions and pressing needs as well as content secrets that showcase your unique brand personality, establishing unshakable trust with your loyal fans.

And I’ll give you a handful of calls-to-action that will have your audience wanting to subscribe, share, download, and take that coveted next step with you. Because at the end of the day, engagement is the new currency for online success.

Don’t miss out on this episode in creating content that actively draws your audience into the conversation. It’s time to leave passive consumption in the dust and ignite a wildfire of engagement that will propel your brand to new heights. Tune in now!

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Welcome to The Content Experiment Podcast, a podcast for service-driven business owners who are ready for some real talk when it comes to marketing.

There’s so much buzz out there about marketing and content strategy, from people who aren’t actually doing the work themselves. And there’s us…the true small business owner who is simply trying to make an impact in their own small circle of influence.

I’m Abby Herman, fractional marketing officer, content strategist and podcast manager for business owners who want to make their marketing feel easier and more streamlined so they can get back to serving their clients and making those sales. Here we talk about REAL marketing strategies for those who are in the weeds and doing the work, not outsourcing it to big teams. You’ll hear from real business owners just like you who are marketing on a budget, looking for easy-to-implement strategies, and want some guidance from people who are accessible and real.

Thanks so much for being here!

This month we’re talking all about content: planning, making sure it’s impactful, looking at metrics. This week I want to talk about the importance of engaging content: kind of the go-between of impactful content (last week’s episode) and content metrics (next week’s episode).

Back in the day, a lot of business owners focused on audience growth. They wanted the big email lists and big social media followings. And while maybe that worked then, what’s most important now is engagement.

I’ve said this before but of course I’ll say it again: content should not be one-sided. It’s meant to create a conversation that engages your audience. Social media should be social, but so should a lot of your other content: your pillar content (like your podcast, blog, and YouTube videos) are usually meant to educate or entertain your audience and point them to your other content. Your emails hopefully elicit a click or a reply. Short form videos a share.

Not every piece of content you create is going to be engaging. That’s okay! But I want you to think about engagement as you’re creating your content. So let’s talk about why engaging content is so important, what it looks like, and how you can maybe shift what you’re doing to make your content more engaging.

Part 1: The Importance of Engagement

First, what IS content engagement? What does it even mean?

Engagement is the action that someone takes when interacting with content published online. And it can be any type of content at all.

Engagement includes likes, comments, opting into something (like signing up for your email list and grabbing a downloadable). It can also be replying to your emails, like I already mentioned, or sharing a piece of your content with an individual person or on their social media. This is all important stuff because the more engagement you get on a piece of content, the more the online algorithms will show that content to others. And depending on what platform the content is on, there’s the possibility that your content will then be seen by all of their connections and followers

More engagement can lead to more visibility, better relationships with your audience, and possibly even more money in your pocket. It’s kind of a big deal.

Part 2: Characteristics of Engaging Content

So we know that engaging content is important, but what does it actually look like?

Content needs to address your audience’s needs, answer their questions, and provide solutions to their problems.
Which means you need to know what they need, what their questions are, so you can offer solutions. How do you do that? By talking to them – asking them directly. And paying attention to what’s going on online. I recommend surveying your audience using my free Ask Your Audience challenge, where you’ll get a list of questions to ask and even survey templates you can make your own. Get free access at

Engaging content also showcases your personality, your brand values, your expertise, and more. It’s a way to help you and your brand become more relatable and trustworthy. What are some types of content that do that? Sharing behind-the-scenes content or personal stories to humanize the brand. Your thoughts on topics of interest or how your thoughts might differ from others in your industry.

Part 3: Consistency and Quality Over Quantity

And, of course, if you want people to pay attention or even anticipate your content, you have to be consistent
Find a regular schedule that works for you and your ability to create content (or pay someone else to do it for you). It doesn’t have to been daily or even weekly, but have a regular time that you publish your pillar content and emails. And be present on at least one social media platform regularly. Doing this helps to build audience habits and expectations, leading to increased engagement over time.

I talk about how to do this in episode 253, and in my mini audio course, Your 90 Day Content Plan.

Of course, quality is important. But perfection is not. Done is better than perfect, so just hit publish on your content. Focus on the message and getting your thoughts and ideas out. Obviously do make sure that your audio on your podcast or videos are decent quality. But don’t worry about them being perfect. Well researched, well-produced content is more likely to be shared and engaged with.

Part 4: Encouraging Interaction and Community Building

Once your audience is paying attention to your content, what are you going to do with that?

You may have noticed that I’ve mentioned a couple of free and paid resources in this episode so far. My goal with the podcast is to educate you and encourage you to take action on the next thing. For my business the next thing is to get you over to my shop. So I want to mention it and other tools that lead to the shop in the episodes. But a call to action can be so many things. Here are just a few examples:

For Podcast Episodes:

  • Subscribe and Review: “Enjoyed the episode? Subscribe and leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform to help more people discover our insights!”
  • Join the Conversation: “Have thoughts on today’s topic? Share your views with us on [Social Media Platform] using #OurPodcastName. Let’s keep the conversation going!”

For Social Media Posts:

  • Engage with a Question: “What’s your take on [topic]? Comment below—we’d love to hear your insights!”
  • Share the Post: “Think this could help someone you know? Share this post to spread the word and make an impact!”

For Email Marketing:

  • Sign Up for More: “Want more tips and tricks delivered straight to your inbox? Sign up for our newsletter and never miss out!”
  • Exclusive Offer: “Subscribe now to get exclusive access to our latest [ebook/course/webinar] for free. Offer ends soon!”

For LinkedIn Newsletters:

  • Subscribe to Newsletter: “For more in-depth analysis and weekly insights, subscribe to our newsletter. Let’s navigate the complexities of [industry/topic] together.”
  • Book a Consultation: “Ready to take your business to the next level? Book a free consultation with our experts today and let’s discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.”

For Blog Posts:

  • Download a Free Resource: “Download our free guide/ebook/whitepaper on [topic] to dive deeper and get actionable strategies for your business.”
  • Contact Us for Services: “Interested in personalized strategies for your business? Contact us today to learn how our services can help you achieve your goals.”

General CTAs:

  • Learn More: “Curious to learn more about this topic? Click here for detailed information and take the first step towards mastering [topic].”
  • Start a Free Trial: “Experience the difference for yourself. Start your free trial today and explore all the features we offer to boost your business.”

I hope this list of calls to action helped you think about where you could be driving your audience next!

If you found value in what you learned here today, I would be so honored if you would leave a rating and review. And don’t be shy about sharing the episode with someone who might need it. The more you share this podcast with others, the more we can get it into the earbuds of more business owners, just like you, who are looking for easy-to-implement strategies, and want some guidance from people who are accessible and real. That’s what you’ll find here. Thanks for being here.

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