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How to Crush Your Content Creation Goals

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It’s not just creating a ton of content; it’s doing it well. And it’s really hard to do that when you’re plowing through your blog post on the day it needs to go live. (I know. I’ve been there.)

This year, I committed to writing two blog posts per week for my own website and at least 12 guest blogs throughout the year for others’ sites. That, on top of staying on top of client work and launching several program and courses. I also recently launched a YouTube channel, where I’m working hard to create meaningful content that helps my audience write better and succeed in business. And I also sleep from time to time.

It takes dedication and accountability to get it all done, as well as a tried-and-true process of my own. So far, I’m two blogs short of my goal on my own website—something I plan to fix very soon.

So how am I crushing my content creation goals this year? What do I do to make sure I’m on track? I’ll tell you.

Your Plan & Time

While my content creation goals may be lofty (they are), I always make sure I set aside enough time to get them done. Batch creating content makes this process a lot faster, because I can get in writing mode and stay there.

But before I sit down and start writing, I already have a plan in place. I use a calendar to plot out my topics for each month and then week—which I revolve around any upcoming launches or webinars. You may have read my post about how I came up with more than 150 blog ideas for this year. I added all of these to my calendar where they fit, because I planned my entire marketing calendar for the year in January. Score one for me!


When you’re writing for more than one channel or platform, repurposing content is key. My blogs turn into videos and I share content from both in my emails. I can also take lists and other ideas and turn them into content upgrades for my audience so they can get more out of the information.

I can also repurpose the general theme of my content. So if I’m talking about accountability in my blog, I can post quotes and other curated content on my social media channels. It makes coming up with topic ideas just a little easier. You don’t need to be completely original all the time because not every member of your audience will find you on every one of your content spaces.

Social & Graphics

I used to sit down and create my graphics, load the blogs to WordPress and then add my social content to CoSchedule—all at the same time. When I had multiple blogs to post at once, it was a fairly efficient process. Now I have a virtual assistant do the same thing for me, but I give her the content I want shared on social media. All she has to do is copy and paste, then format. It’s so easy for me and efficient for her that I’ve been able to add more projects to her plate because she has time to burn.

Get Some Accountability

As I sit and write this, I’m having a CEO Date with a fellow copywriter. She’s working on some client work while I get ahead on my blog content. It’s forcing me to stay at my desk so I can get done what needs to be done within my own business. And I need the accountability!

Ever since I started these accountability dates last summer, I’ve been a whirlwind of gettin’ it done. I know that accountability is just a CEO Date away and that I can crush any goals with the right support system behind me (or in my virtual office with me).

If you need help crushing your content goals, I’ve got the program for you. Race to Summer Break is an 8-week program that helps you get ahead on your blog content so you can spend your summer enjoying your kids or sitting on the beach with a margarita (or on your couch—no judging here). The doors close on Friday so grab your seat and lace up those shoes (no running required).

Grab 9 tips on repurposing your blog content here!

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