Embracing the Power of AI with Danielle LeFleur
Embracing the Power of AI with Danielle LeFleur

Embracing the Power of AI with Danielle LeFleur

If you spend any time in the online space, you’ve been hearing a lot about artificial intelligence. There’s a lot to digest there: the types of tools, which one works for what type of needs, etc. And even if you think you have no need for AI, trust me when I say that you do. In fact, you’re probably already using it whether you realize it or not.

I was admittedly resisting AI but after hearing this week’s guest, Danielle LeFleur, present on the topic a few months ago, I knew I needed to not only educate myself but also actually use it.

You’re going to want to take notes on this one! Danielle names some of her favorite tools and we talk about how both content creators and business owners need to get on board…and also why you shouldn’t necessarily let go of the person who is creating your content right now.

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About Danielle LaFleur

Danielle has over 30 years in Marketing, IT, Network design, development, and workforce leadership training. She is the owner of Gray Lux, Inc. She understands the real need an SMB has in creating value online and in-person with their clients.

She is dedicated to creating success for her team and her clients.

Danielle has helped hundreds of SMBs maximize extra revenue streams, and has created a process for extracting an ROI from an ROE in training and development which is currently being used in over 100+ corporations.


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Hey there, and welcome to episode 237 of The Content Experiment Podcast, a podcast for service driven business owners who know that content is important. And there is so much more to marketing and business growth. Here we talk about showing up for your audience in a way that they want to hear and in a way that’s sustainable for you. This might mean publishing a weekly podcast or blog. But it also means paying attention to your email list, leveraging other people’s audiences, building relationships, and getting over the limiting mindsets that often hit when we’re reaching for the next level in our business. I’m Abby Herman, fractional Marketing Officer, content strategist and podcast manager for business owners who want to make their marketing feel easier and more streamlined, so they can get back to serving their clients and making those sales. I’ll show you how, or I’ll do it for you while you do business in a way that works for you. I can help by supporting you through building and implementing a content and marketing strategy, taking care of the podcast management for you or giving you the tools and resources to take this on yourself.

Abby Herman 1:14
If you haven’t heard about artificial intelligence by now, you might have your blinders on a bit too tight. AI has been around for years, and it’s not going away, probably ever. When I first heard about AI and saw what it was capable of, I was pretty underwhelmed. Results were really clunky and very clearly written by a bot. But recently, it’s clear that AI has improved and to be quite honest, it is coming from my job if I’m not careful. I’ve attended a few trainings on AI and even bought a course on it because I want my business to stick around. I resisted it thinking I could get by without using AI. But I’ve been really pleased with what I’m finding and some of the experiments I’ve been doing with it. But my own experience is a topic of another podcast soon. Today, I wanted a true AI educator to share her own expertise and experience.

Abby Herman 2:16
So this week, I am talking with Danielle LeFluer about why we can’t ignore AI, what it looks like for a content creator and for someone who’s hiring people to create content for them. And what tools she is finding that do the job. Well. Here’s the funny thing. As of this recording, Danielle doesn’t actually offer AI education in her business. She’s used it with client work, and she’s probably one of the most knowledgeable and connected people in the AI space that I know. She’s not connected with any specific AI tool and that’s what makes her so valuable to have this conversation. Before we dig in. Let me share a bit about Danielle. Danielle has over 30 years in marketing it network design, development and workforce leadership training. She is the owner of gray Luxe Inc and she understands the real need a small or midsize business has and creating value online and in person with their clients. She is dedicated to creating success for her team and her clients. Danielle has helped hundreds of small and medium medium sized businesses maximize extra revenue revenue streams and has created a process for extracting an ROI from an ROV and training and development which is currently being used in over 100 corporations. Here is our conversation.

Abby Herman 3:37
Hi Danielle, I am I have been so looking forward to this conversation that I can’t even stand it. So I cannot wait to talk to you today. Thank you so much for being here.

Danielle LeFleur 3:47
Thank you for having me. I’m excited too!

Abby Herman 3:50
Yes. And before we hit record, listeners, Danielle asked, you know, like, let’s talk about what your listeners want to hear. And I’m like, I want to talk about what I want to hear. So we’re gonna do both. We’re gonna do but I’m excited. Can you share with listeners. So share with listeners what you do and who you do it for. And for those of you who are listening, this is not actually what we’re going to talk about. We’re going to take a left turn and talk about something else. But I want to make sure that you have time to introduce yourself too.

Danielle LeFleur 4:22
thank you. Um, I am Danny, I’m the founder of Easy As Pie Design. We’re a full service SEO, marketing and design firm. We typically work in the medical field, dentists, chiropractors, physical therapists, plastic surgeons, etc. As I usually tell people that if you have a front desk receptionist and maybe two locations, that’s usually who we end up working with. And we come in as almost like a fractional CFO team. I have about 21 people now and we handle the marketing aspects lot of lead generation we usually focus on lead generation.

Abby Herman 4:55
So I when I met in Karis, diamonds Ravel collective Yes, you did a training on artificial intelligence in that. So it’s like totally different from what you do in your in your, you know day job in your your role in your business. But the way that you talked about it and how you explained, AI in general was just really intriguing. And I knew it was something that I wanted to talk about on the podcast, mostly because I have been very AI resistant. I have thought when I first heard of like these things, these bots that are going to create content for some, and they’ve been out there for years, years years ago, I was like, Oh, this is garbage, you know, I will never use it, my clients will never use it, we need a human being creating all the content while now AI is so different and is so much better. And even though in my head before your training that I went to, which was a couple of months ago, as we’re recording this, I still had this mindset of I don’t know how I could possibly use this and AI is going to destroy my business. Yeah. And now after a couple months have gone by I’ve been doing some testing. Next week when you know, after this one goes live the following week, I’m actually going to be publishing a podcast episode about my own experience, and how I’ve been using AI in my business and with clients. But first, I want to like I want you to help me educate everyone. So can you share with listeners? What is AI? Like? What is it actually? And why should we care about it as business owners?

Danielle LeFleur 6:43
I think it’s important to understand that like you said, AI has been around for a long, long time. I remember the kind of the first time where I had a touch with it was probably good 15 years ago, where one of my friends husbands was getting his doctorate and a I think Columbia University. And I was like how is what? Like, what is that degree? How is that a difference? That’s a degree what is that? Like? It was a concept to me. And at the time I was working, I had network engineering and in that space, and I was very curious about it, but it was so futuristic. I didn’t quite grasp how it was coming in. So we have to understand people have been working in machine learning for a long time. So I’m at the end of the day, I would say AI is just what it actually is machine learning. It’s just machines learning. And I don’t want to scare us with Skynet kind of things. But it’s machine learning very, very well, very, very well. And it’s always going to keep getting better and better and better. There was released, I want to say a week ago about in the quantum physics field, how they are utilizing and creating parts of crystals that can rely can move within quantum physics. So the idea of AI within our own like hey can help us right is cool. But the actual production of how technology will change in the future is going to start leapfrogging at New paces, which is very exciting. Because math, science, technology, all these things that we work in the STEM field is going to have a lot more opportunity to grow and understand how we communicate within the universe, how we communicate with one another, and a whole bunch of growth fields are going to happen. I’m excited about that, where there’s gonna be a lot more STEM opportunities and the fact that a lot of women aren’t in STEM anyways, that this is just an open opportunity for a lot more innovation to happen and excitement and maybe I just watched Star Trek it could be that really could be happy. I watched way too many Star Trek in my life.

Abby Herman 8:42
And also, you know, I think a lot of people think of AI in terms of that movie Megan that came out recently and there was another one that came out several years before and both of them are like just I have not seen making nor do I plan to but like just seems like scary. Yeah, super gory and and machines taking over the world and murdering people and all of that. But no does not sound like that’s in the business sense. And in reality, that probably will not happen.

Danielle LeFleur 9:12
I don’t I don’t see that happening. I’m really looking at my version of the AI as I like I think I mentioned this in the other podcasts on Ravel was, I’m looking for the AI Where’s Rosie from the Jetson who comes in and wakes me up with a sarcastic remark. Right and then gets me out of bed. That’s the That’s the version of AI I’m looking forward to

Abby Herman 9:31
Yeah. So how did you go from doing marketing strategy which I you still do but you’re your marketing strategist for medical, dental and med spas? Where did AI come from for you? Because you’ve been doing a ton of speaking about this and educating people about this.

Danielle LeFleur 9:48
I’ve always had my hand in it. So we’ve been using AI in our company for quite some time now I would say since at least 2020, if not a little bit earlier, and I’ve always been involved in a tech space and my My introduction to Tech was probably when I was about 19 years old or so I started working in network engineering and the telecom industry, I was a network engineer for a long time, I also got all of those certs and a whole bunch of other texts as well. I do PHP and coding, and, you know, a whole bunch of other stuff. So I’ve always had a passion towards tech, at the end of the day, marketing was just one of my degrees. So it was just one of the degrees that I had. I like marketing. And the reason why I like marketing is because it’s pretty. And it’s lead generation. And it’s fun. And it’s all this other kind of almost this the girly side of me. But there’s another side of me that really wants to know, how does things work? Like how does this work? Why does this work? So for me, it’s the combo between the two. AI is just a new fun thing, for lack of better terms. That’s kind of exciting and new. And we haven’t actually had an experience of technology since like, I want to say the.com kind of era, right. And if you remember, if you’re old enough to remember those days is like, it was fantastic. Like I remember that’s when Fast Company kind of came out, Wired magazine came out, there was a lot of innovation, there was a ton of companies that came up, I remember like web vam, and kazoo, and all these other companies came up, they did amazing. They had a lot of IPO a lot of you know money, and then they all failed. And then a couple ones came out at the end of the day. Amazon’s a good example. But But companies who invest and are curious and are innovated during these spaces of time, and this stuff tends to happen during recessions usually become the mass businesses that we know like and respect or maybe not respect. In the next five to 10 years, there’s going to be new innovators. I don’t know if you remember when Netscape was the be all end all and asked Jeeves was the be all end all. Now we just have Google, it’s the same things gonna happen within the AI spectrum, there’s going to be ones that come up and we’re all going to love and then 18 months, three years, they’re going to be gone. And we’re going to be utilizing XYZ instead.

Abby Herman 12:03
Yes, well, yeah. And I think that we’ve we’ve all seen, if you’ve been in business, for any stretch of time, you’ve seen a number of companies come and go and get really popular and everybody’s using everybody’s jumping on board. And then something happens and they just fizzle, they go away, or maybe nothing happens, and they just fizzle. I don’t know. So you said that you’ve been using AI in your business for quite a few years. Yep. And before we hit record, we talked about like, you know, different kinds of AI, I think of AI as chat GPT and creating content. But there are so many other ways that we are using them in our business, whether we know it or not, can you share what some of those ideas might be?

Danielle LeFleur 12:44
I think like I you know, when you’re in your car, there’s AI running in your car, we call her womb girl in my house, but Alexa, okay, she didn’t turn on. She’s AI like, it’s like we it’s, it’s just machine learning. It’s literally like, it’s, if you remember, a really rough version of this would be like when you were in the grocery stores X amount of years ago. And then they like wanted to capture your email address, and then they customize your coupons for you, when you and there was a big blow up and everybody was like about it. It’s just machine learning. It’s just, I’m teaching the machine, somebody’s teaching machine programs are teaching machine that is generating AI that’s kind of causing the spur because the ability for it to gather data and then repurpose that data in new ways. That’s the exciting part that we’re experiencing right now. That’s where it’s kind of a lot of things are like, Oh, this is a new way to translate the data. It is gathering data and repurposing and creating it in different ways that we have not thought of, instead of it just like plug and play.

Abby Herman 13:50
Would you say you know, when when we say when you say a certain word to goes to your telephone about something that you might be interested in looking at, and then suddenly, when you go to Facebook or Instagram, every ad is on that is in that general kind of area, right? Would you say that that’s AI and machine learning?

Danielle LeFleur 14:13
Say that’s AI and also there’s a term for it, which just like bounced out of my brain, and I’ll remember it after we’re done recording somewhere around like four o’clock in the afternoon. But there’s also this perception lens perception thing that’s happening. When you start focusing, have you ever heard the term like if you want to buy a car, like let’s say you’re gonna go buy a new Alexa. So you want to buy a BMW, then all of a sudden, you see BMW is everywhere on the road. That’s the same thing that’s happening with your advertising, all of a sudden, it’s kind of starting to go and you see one thing that kind of similar, so I’m like that you click on that, and then it triggers and then you that learns, and it starts posting and all those kinds of things, too. So I do want to recall that there’s still a lot of that that’s happening that we’re just not conscious of because we perceive our own reality based on our own experiences. Within the reality that we are in, okay, what we choose to be in? So yeah, I could be having a great day because I got a great parking spot and somebody else could be having a horrible day because they wanted to walk farther to the store and the only available spot was in the front of the store. Like, it’s just perspective perception on what you view in that moment.

Abby Herman 15:18
Hmm, yes, interesting. Okay. So coming at AI from the perspective of content creation in general, what are some ways that maybe even like, if you have specific tools that you can talk about, for creating content, I know that it can do some idea generation, it can actually write social media posts and things like that for you. So what does that look like for a small business owner?

Danielle LeFleur 15:42
I think when it comes to content creation, I want us to start expanding what we understand content creation, is it so in the first step, we have to start thinking as content creation as how does this content look visual? How does this contact sound? Right? And then how is it read so and you might need to start adding tactile into this as well, right, as we get more and more developed into the topic. So first, over our concept of content creation is like understanding that, because this is something I do I have, if I’m writing something, it doesn’t sound quite right. When I speak it, it looks grim, ugly, correct, but it sounds wackadoo. So if you’re creating content, understand that your target market might need it in multiple forms. So understanding what you’re writing in that kind of way, that would be the first kind of thing that I would think about when it comes to tools. We all probably know Chad GPT at that, but that’s not the only one you can utilize. We love Jarvis, we’ve been using Jarvis for a long time, we have brand association with Jarvis. So we’ve uploaded our clients brands, and their speaking style, their writing style, how they promote contact, their tone of voice and idioms of how they write and what they write are popped into Jarvis. And it creates content specifically towards that towards their, who they are as a person, right. And there are a lot of other tools that do this. So Jarvis is the one that has the most capital going on. But there’s one that we met with the other day, and they’re called Chat base. And I’m starting to become a big fan of chat base. I’ve been deep diving into their system. For the last few days, I really like it and what it does, and it goes on a corporation level. But when I was talking to like, hey, what about this for us like a little peon somewhere, right. And you can take a quote, chat GPT type of thing, right, like an AI like a little AI thing. And you can close it off from the rest of the world and have it only integrated within your product line within your company, or within your set of standards. So what I could do is that if somebody was coming to a website, they can go into the chat and say, like, Hey, tell me more about AI and content writing. And it would go through all of my documents, it would have my tone of voice and everything else. And it will reply, a customer replied, based off the information in my in my information, but also in the style of what I write. And the style of how I speak and that personalization style, building your personal brand around the content. And many of you who are content writers are probably for with clients. So you need to think about always writing in the form of how the client speaks, right? This is a new tool to be able to do that. Does that make sense? These are no tools to be able to do that. So understanding when you do the content writing, there are more tools and opportunities for you to really nail down your clients customer brand, to a way that you’ve never experienced before. And that I feel if you can become an expert in that you can charge top dollar. And you’re segregating yourself out from just being a good content writer, the right towards their brand and multiple different mediums and multiple different ways.

Abby Herman 18:55
Yes, so I think a lot of a lot, some of what I’ve heard is business owners who are letting go of marketing teams letting go of those content creators to take everything to AI, which I see as problematic, because even even with the best tools, there’s still a human element in there. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Danielle LeFleur 19:26
I think this also has to do with who your target client is. Because my target client doesn’t have time for that they’re too busy drilling into somebody’s teeth and trying to call them down about it. They don’t have time for that, where they get excited about the little thing. So maybe as an idea that you have to start changing what you’re pitching, who you’re pitching to, or the service offerings that you’re doing. Might be you have to start segregating out the DIY approach, and then the non DIY approach kind of thing. I know a lot of people who are content writers, they’re switching up and doing more educational you because they know that their target market, which used to not be DIY are now DIY does that the market shift as far as threshold for payment has changed. So what used to be DIY is no longer I’m saying what used not to be DIY is now on the DIY stage, because they can only afford maybe $1,000, where you might need to start thinking about like, I gotta attract clients and change what I’m doing my business to attract the people that are willing to spend 10,000 To 30,000 to $100,000 per month, versus the person that’s paying you $300 per blog posts are $500, or $1,500 per blog post, right? Because they’re gonna switch to that DIY mode. It doesn’t necessarily they all are, I have a client, she will never switch to DIY mode, even though she’s in that target demographic, because it’s not within her wheelhouse. She will never wants to learn this, she has no desire to learn, this does not care, make sure she shows up first on Google. So just understanding that you might lose some clients, but start thinking about the clients that you can gain and maybe increasing your ROI at the end of the day. Because if you can utilize these tools and make sure that they work for you, you are ahead of the pack so much faster than so many other people, you are ahead of the pack. And that’s the thing that I really want to encourage a lot of marketers to start thinking about is like, how do I optimize this to give me a little bit of a LeapFrog? And say, I’m bringing this to my client? Are you guys interested into it? Are you interested in this and get them on board and I cannot express long term contracts more than anything else, like a lot of people are like, Oh, three months or ah, like, we know how long this takes, like, get them on and then introduce new fun things, new ways to increase their visibility every single quarter that gets them excited and knows that you have their back because it the other day content marketing should be about brand recognition, or lead generation. Yes, there’s probably other things, but those are the two things I really care about. So are then our team here.

Abby Herman 22:00
Yeah, well, and I think that that’s what a lot of listeners care about, too, is that they want you know, they want their brands to be recognized. They want visibility, and you know, which in turn can help them with their with their sales, but their revenue.

Danielle LeFleur 22:16
Okay? Hey, go. Alright. So if you’re a business owner, and you are doing this yourself, like, okay, so you haven’t hired somebody, and you’re doing this yourself, there’s a lot of tools out there that you can plug together. And I’ll give an example of what we do in our company to let you know the power of what you can do. And then understanding you have to make a decision. Is this something I want to DIY? Is this something I want to continue doing? Or Is this too much of a bother, we need to hire somebody to take this over. And that’s a decision as a business owner, you need to make where you, if you are owning a business, your job is to continually do those $10,000 tasks. If you are doing $5 tasks, and you can hire somebody else to do the $5 tasks. That’s the first thing you need to do, right? And I’m sure you’re writing business, you’ve heard this before. So there’s going to be changes within your business. When you have to make that decision. At some point, you need to offload that out to another company or somebody else, right. That’s why companies hire us because they’re like, we could do it. I know a lot of people in our business like I can’t do this. They just don’t have the time because they’re busy doing other things. Right? Was works, yes. This is how this works. Like if you do not know how if you? Yeah, anyways, we’ll get into that some other day. Anyway. So what I do with Canva, so I have integrated chat TBT into Google Sheets. And I just did a training. I think I’ve done three trainings on this so far, like walkthroughs. And I was trained by the person who created this actual integration. So it was really nice, because straight hands on training from the guru himself. We took ChatGPT, we integrated it into Google Sheets, and we created a prompt inside of Google Sheets. So it would auto prompt out. So we did a prompt, like, for instance, part one would be create five social media posts, and the writing style of Brene. Brown, the second one around this specific pillar of contents. And then the third part of that would be with these hashtags, utilizes are these keywords embedded at 150 words, and then we send it off into Google Sheets. And it populated five different content pieces based off that one pillar. And then we drag and drop just like you do in Google. Google Sheets. So we just dragged and dropped that thing down to 450 rows, and we added in all of the different pillars. So within about 40 minutes, give or take, I had 4400 Sorry, 400 rows times five, whatever that number is a moronic number of posts cool created. Now with Canva you can upload your CSV files into Canva and it will auto create things for you so you create the template of what you want in Canva you assign the rows specifically, and Canva, you upload name, your rows and your CSV file, upload it, and Canva will auto create all those posts for you. So within a day and a half to two days, because I like to sleep, and I get sidetracked very easily, we had over 400 posts done for a client, on their incomplete pillars. So if you’re doing this as a business, if you take the time to learn, if you take the time to kind of integrate and kind of figure all this out, you can do this yourself, does it and you can have a completely within your brand. As we get closer and closer to being able to have real time because GPD for and all the other stuff that’s integrated, and what we just talked about earlier, like chat base, which is embedded into your own software system, into your own website, etc, into your own platform, you will be able to do a lot of this stuff yourself better, faster and stronger. And that’s just one example. We’re not even touching, AI driven advertising models, we’re not touching data metrics at any point in time within your sales pipeline, and all the other things that you can utilize AI for to be able to maximize your marketing dollars. So that can be handled on the inside.

Abby Herman 26:08
Yeah, so those, I didn’t know that you could do that. And then export into a spreadsheet automatically from chat GPT, I’ve just seen that like, you know, you put in the parameters and use the template and it pops out, you know what you’re asking for, and then you have to copy and paste it someplace else. Yeah, so how much editing went into the spreadsheet. So when you created the spreadsheet and the content populated over into the spreadsheet, it was literally ready to copy and paste into?

Danielle LeFleur 26:38
Yeah, I mean, a little bit here and there, but really not a lot for me to be worried about does that it didn’t. It wasn’t a lot for me to edit because I had figured out what I wanted the pillars to be. I had figured out exactly what the voice you know, because I changed it. Sometimes it’d be Brene Brown or Mel, Mel Robbins, or whatever it is. So those voices are big enough. There’s enough data from those voices for me to get a pretty on target. Execution is not Danielle voice. There’s not a lot of data out there on Danielle voice, which is the important distinction here. The point is, is that at some point, my sphere of AI is going to have nothing but Danielle voice. And then who fat simple, impressive, right? Because now it’s just pulling on Danielle’s voice. It’s just point on Abby’s voice is not being interjected with all the other voices. So when I’m creating us, I’m pulling from figures that have a lot of voice out there on the interwebs. So I can pull fairly fast on target exactly what they kind of their mode and stylization, everything like that. I can pull it, pull it, drop it down, upload done.

Abby Herman 27:50
Yeah. But if we’re if we’re trying to, I mean, what do you recommend for small business owners who don’t have who aren’t the Brene browns and you know, Oprah Winfrey’s and whoever, what do you recommend we do to help these tools learn our voice and how we talk and our sarcasm and, and things like that?

Danielle LeFleur 28:13
Well, one of the things and I feel like we’re gonna see this really quickly. So that’s where I want to preface this, like what I talked about. Now, I have launched by the time this thing launches, right? This happened to me time and time again. So just like I said, Jarvis already has brand voice in there, it’s already there. Like, or what’s it called? Jasper? Sorry, not Jarvis. Sorry, Jasper. Keep using the wrong word for them because they had to rebrand. Yay, Marvel. So in Jasper, it already has brand voice, like you just start using Jasper like, it’s not a dumb Asri. Here, you just literally there’s already programs that do this for you. And so you will start using Jasper, they should give me a kickback that you can start using things like I was talking about chat base.co there, you know, there’s a lot. I would not be surprised if chat GPT five, or 4.5 or five already has this integrated because the technology’s already been launched. It’s already there and has been there is we’re so thought on just this one little open AI platform because it’s getting things, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not necessarily there already, you just have to find the right tool they use for you. That’s why like chat base right now, there’s going to be others because I can integrate that thing right into my system. Yeah. And that’s for me, it’s immediate, I can immediately use it for my clients. And for me right now, right?

Abby Herman 29:37
Yes. What about listeners who might be podcasters? And they want AI to generate their show notes and their social media and their promotion and all of that. Do you have a tool that you’ve used or that you’ve tested that without?

Danielle LeFleur 29:51
So what’s exciting is I don’t have a podcast. I did create one on Sunday. So I don’t know if I’m gonna launch it or not. So I actually do not have a podcast myself. So I I had to go ask my podcast or people like, hey, what do you like? I think I’ve heard swell is really good. And then this morning, I was told about it in our little group. What was it called? What did? Did she post in our little group today? I was at yesterday. Another one. I’ll figure it out. Let’s start with the C. It does start with a C in the rebel group. Yes. And the rebel group. Oh, I have two Slack channels both are purple. And I get confused which ones which the to do let’s see cast magic, podcast production, AI, show notes, summaries, bio key topics, quotes and more. So I literally right before we started talking, I’m like 15 minutes before we went live and went and bought it. So we’ll find out how that works. Because I am not doing show notes. I’m not doing any of that, like no way notes, I can’t talk and then some other AI system has to do everything that has been one of my stopping gaps for having a podcast because I have my value my time is the most important thing. I mean, I do not have time to do show notes, I do not have time to do any of those other kinds of things. I need it moronically simple where I just plug it into a program, it does it all. For me, I wanted to publish it for me, I wanted you to the marketing for me, I never want to see this thing ever again, except for like maybe every Monday for 15 minutes when I’m recording. That’s the extent of the energy that I’m going to put into a podcast. So I have been waiting for an AI system to come along to start doing these things for me.

Abby Herman 31:29
Yeah, I’ve actually tried out a few others that do that take audio and none of which I even want to mention or can even remember their names because they were so terrible bad. So non user friendly. Just clunky, and very templated in a way that made it look like a robot created. Yeah, so yeah,

Danielle LeFleur 31:53
which we don’t want to deal with. I I’m the one thing when it comes to podcasting for voice, I’m really a big fan of 11 labs. And they’re probably one of my favorite companies right now. And they do it’s not the shownotes production and stuff like that they do the voice part. And that’s what actually also I’m very curious about because I would love to just have my little AI type out my entire podcast, feed it in to a lovin at labs, a living labs has the my voice on file with the entire English language, plus multiple other languages, and it to create the podcast for me and do all the things and then have another tool produced everything and then populate it out for me. So the only thing that I’m responsible for doing is proofing was created on chat GPT.

Abby Herman 32:39
I love that, I find that to be very scary, I guess I find that to be very scary. And the idea that some thing can create audio content with my voice and the way I sound and the way I talk is really scary to me. Because, you know, we don’t have laws and rules around to this. And and I feel like, you know, I don’t necessarily feel like we need to make laws around everything. But things can be taken out of context. Someone else can create something, my voice somebody could break into my, my computer or my phone or whatever, still, you know, my banking information, not that they’re gonna get very far by doing that. But you know, you never know like, what’s going to happen with this. That’s what’s scary to me is that things are moving so fast. What what is going to happen?

Danielle LeFleur 33:36
If you don’t, I was telling Kerry the other day, I was like, I don’t like the news. Like I don’t want to read anymore. But I do have to pay attention every once in a while because you know, you want to be an adult. So Sam went I think before Congress, it says like you guys got to get on the ball and start creating laws around this. The creator of this people, Google was the guy who the father, grandfather of AI left Google and was like, hey, stop, we need we need laws to protect us. You are not alone. The people that have created this, like who this is taking off at a speed we were not expecting. I think a lot of people are like Google had this whole red alert thing happened like what is going on? Like we were not prepared? I don’t think the understanding of market penetration really has ever been experienced like this has been experienced as we have an adaptation rate of at a much higher level than anywhere else before. And so there is a there is just so much conversation around that. Specifically, what I think about this is the cat has been left out of the bag. And I think I’ve said this before, cats out of the bag, like it’s it’s out of the bag, right? You can’t put the cat back in the bag. They can’t make it an indoor cat instead of an indoor outdoor.

Abby Herman 34:51
There you go. I love that.

Danielle LeFleur 34:53
So right now it’s an outdoor barn feral indoor everything cat it is To me 24/7 It’s just zooming is all day long and climbing the walls whether scratch and all the furniture, it’s gone bonkers. So it’s in kitten mode is gone. Right? That’s AI. Now we’re like, oh, wait, we need to make this an indoor cat. Because we need to make this scenario somebody go get like a litter box, like somebody wears this scratch deterrent thing that we put on this certain, like, that’s kind of what’s happening. And I believe that we’re gonna have a lot more rules. And also you have to understand they’re gonna come up with protocols for you to tell, we can already tell some of these written by a or not written by, we don’t really care as a human race, if it is or not we want to know is the quality there, right. But the individual is very intelligent, the group are morons, this has been a well established fact, like, if we get together, we tend to be dumber than when we’re alone. Historical preferences, we don’t mean to be very smart. So we have to make laws for the mass, not for the individual. And I think it’s important to understand that these that’s my perspective, I could be completely wrong. But as you have to understand that it’s going to take some it’s going to, there’s going to be ups and downs, and there’s going to not everybody’s going to be happy. I want for me personally, I want it all open. I want the indoor outdoor cat, that would be my preference. But that’s not reality. I understand that. That’s not reality. But I do understand that once that cat has outdoor fresh air, who we better have a CaTiO on the back porch somewhere. So

Abby Herman 36:34
yeah, I agree. Oh my gosh, there’s so much to think about what it so can you share with people? somebody’s listening? They’re interested, they’ve heard all of this stuff about AI, they want to try it. When do you recommend someone start?

Danielle LeFleur 36:52
I would start really I watch the chat GPT really start. Um, there are a lot of if you just, there are a lot of you know what, there’s two things now that I’m thinking about it. Hold on Chat GPT, for sure. And if you’re getting crappy answers from there, you don’t know how to use it. Ping me. Oh, shoot, I’ll send you a quick five minute video. Whatever, just ping me on LinkedIn, I’ll send you a link. This is stupid. Like I get to hear my business developer manager telling me like hush the EFF up like don’t want have everybody paying you. That’s stupid. Don’t do that. But

Abby Herman 37:24
I was waiting for it I was using I was trying it out with the free version and socks. This is total. And then I paid for it. And I was like, Oh, I see. Okay,

Danielle LeFleur 37:34
you have to have for running get for browser running perplexity. I use perplexity all the time. Like constantly, I use perplexity, not quite as much as chat, but almost as much as chat GPT because the quality answers that I get from them. And I use it for process organization. So perplexity is great, because I can ask a question in there, it will come back with an answer. It will have all of where it got the answers. And then it will give me three suggestions of follow up questions. So you can start so I was like, I need a new marketing. I don’t know what should I say I need a new lead generated marketing flow outline or something like that, right? And it will come back with an answer. And then it will say like, who’s your target market? Or how many those kinds of things and you can just keep refining it, it gives you suggestions on what to ask next. I like that.

Abby Herman 38:26
I like that too.

Danielle LeFleur 38:27
I like that. So I like that a lot. But for definitely if you’re not paying $20 for it saves like 20 bucks. And if you can’t afford the 20 bucks use perplexity, it’s free. It’s limited how many times you get to use it but you can use for bugs will be first problem solving a lot. You know, but you get to plugins, we use it with Zapier all the time, you can create your own bonds with it. It’s a lot of fun. The I love using it with Google Sheets. Me personally, I love it and Google Sheets because I get a mass data thing. And I can just like implement that into whatever I want. If you are just starting out, I would say when you import your first question, note that it can do an answer. And you can say this is a dumb answer. Like you can put the thumbs down thing on it and have it do it again. You can also change the question which I don’t think a lot of people, you can hit edit and add or change the question a little bit and then hit it to regenerate again. And then you’ll see a side by side of what’s happening. And you can keep doing that and refine it over and over and over again until you get what you really want. I have built out customer proposals by only having a little scroll, just one scroll down like not a lot. It’s not going forever and ever. I just keep refining the question until I get the actual right answer that I’m looking for. And sometimes it’s like oh, this is bad new chat.

Abby Herman 39:47
Yeah. I I’d love that. Oh my god. Okay, I could sit here and ask you questions all day long, but then I would feel like you’d need to invoice me for it. I would be okay with that. Um, can you like this has just been been super helpful. If there was, like, if you had like two two actionable things that you could share with listeners, something you’ve already mentioned, or something that maybe we haven’t talked about yet, what are two things that business owners could should, you know, maybe think about doing in order to start integrating AI into their business in a new way? Like we’ve already acknowledged that? We’re already using AI? Whether you know it or not, like when you’re talking about content creation? How can people start using it in their business?

Danielle LeFleur 40:39
I would, I would literally, there’s the it’s practice, you just have to start, it really is. And you have to watch the mindset around it, I think the first thing is really, really watching the mindset around what it is, it is going to be extremely frustrating. If you don’t take some there’s a lot of even like, Rachel, who I’m a big fan of, I’ll make sure to send you the link to her group, which is called the exchange, which is where I get almost all of my information of as bout the one top 1% of the people in the space. So but they’re very helpful. And they’re always like coming up with they’re always creating new products and asking us to test of like, Hey, I have an idea for this or does that. So be curious and kind of just spend some time being curious and like, Hey, how was this work? What is this? Like? How do I find answers to this? The other thing is to understand that Google is probably not going away, Bing might have a better portion of the search engine results, because of course, you’re using chat. But take a moment and sign up for labs on Google on Google, right? Because when if you’re in labs, you get first access to Google. So Maggie just came out. And if you’re on the wait, whitelist for Maggie on Google, you’ll be able to see Google’s integration of AI with Google search. So if you’re curious, like how is this gonna work? Like, what does this look like? You know, take a few moments go look at Maggie on Google search. There’s a lot of articles that just came out in the last few days about it to be able to kind of review it. But get invested in your curiosity and testing and trying until you find the flow that works well for you and understand it. If you don’t message somebody message us, like, you know, we’ll send you the link to AI exchange, you can join there, ask questions, follow some people like on Tiktok or other places, Twitter seems to be a great space to be able to learn more, I would really be like, just try things out, really, really be open. And just play, right. This is an amazing time where we get to play, how often do we get to play? This is a time to play with your content and experiment and try new things and, and just be creative.

Abby Herman 42:46
Yeah, I agree with just getting started. Because I mean, I think I’ve mentioned multiple times now that I’ve been, I was very resistant. But I see that people are using AI more and more to create content. And I want to be the expert that supports them in that and that helps them or teach them or whatever. And I’ve barely dipped my toes into it. But I’m, you know, when I first started, like I mentioned, I was just using the free version of Chet GPT thought it was horrible. So I was like, alright, well, maybe I’ll just pay for it and see what happens. And I’m like completely floored with the possibilities. Yeah. And that’s just with Chad GPT. That’s not like the You’ve mentioned a couple of tools that I’ve never heard of before. Here today. So I’ll definitely be checking those out, too. Because I think that yeah, we need to be curious. We need to, you know, the world is changing. Yeah. Yeah, I know that. That’s a shock. The world is changing. Things are different now. I mean, I grew up in a time where computers were not a thing. Yeah. And I got my first cell phone when I was 28 years old. So yeah, it was because I was old. I mean, like, because that’s when they started becoming popular when I was like, almost 30. And so yeah, things have changed. And we have to, I feel like the older I get, the more I have to stay up with the times and it’s harder to do. Yeah, yeah.

Danielle LeFleur 44:14
I just know where you are on that spectrum, right? This is the bell curve, here’s just our bell cover is just way higher, way faster than we ever expected it to be. But I think being curious is the best skill set we can have at any stage of our life. And that’s really what you need to focus on is just be curious and ask questions and research and you might be amazed at what you’ll find that you actually enjoy utilizing that makes your job easier. You don’t have to use everything. And we again, we don’t know how this is going to shake down. So don’t invest also too much time into learning everything that’s stupid and a waste of time you have a job to do. But be curious. I cannot express that enough to just ask what if how Can those kinds of questions Yeah, we didn’t do a giveaway, like a download, giveaway, whatever it is, people can just hashtag me content. So hashtag content 24254037559.

Abby Herman 45:17
Awesome. And I’ll have that in the show notes too for people so that if you didn’t catch that, and you don’t feel like well, you can read listening. So that you can do it. But yeah, so that is for the hashtag content, it’s what people are gonna text. And that is for the show notes that you are, I’m sorry, not the show notes, notes.

Danielle LeFleur 45:36
No, so I did a, I’ll just do this because I know we only have a couple more minutes, because, you know, we’ve been talking for 17 hours now. So um, I did a speech on AI and podcasting, and how it’s kind of changing the things we need to be aware of, and where to kind of go so I have a lot of links, I have a lot. I talked about 11 Labs in there a little bit. And so if you weren’t able to go to the experience in Portland with us, more than happy to share all of my entire speech, all the notes, all the links, everything, the downloadables, all the freebies, all the giveaways, we’ll just pop it on there. I’ll add in there also a link for AI exchange. So if you’re interested, you can go join, and they have a website, most of the information I get is from Ai exchange. So if that’s where you want to just directly go, just directly go to AI exchanging and grab it. Just tell Rachel I sent you. And, yeah, if this interests you, or you have questions, there’s subgroups. If you’re marketing, there’s a group for marketing, if you’re in healthcare, there’s room for healthcare, if you’re in sales as a group for sales, like it’s all segregated out, based off what your needs are. And you didn’t just go right into one of the groups on Slack and just ask her questions like how do I go blah, great group, I highly recommend it. Perfect. Danielle, where can people find you? They can find me on LinkedIn. So I know that there’s a lot of other places I am on Tik Tok, but I only enjoy it for cat videos. So unless you want to talk about cats, probably not. I think I have a work going on there too, which I should probably pay attention to as I am in marketing. So that should be something I should do. LinkedIn, LinkedIn, I cannot stress, Instagram as well. So secondary Instagram, I actually have my team on Instagram. So you would be messaging a lot of my team if you message Instagram, but I personally and I’m on LinkedIn hanging out. So that’s where my Happy Place is.

Abby Herman 47:21
awesome. I will find our all include that in the show notes as well. So thank you so much, Danielle. This has been so informative and I cannot wait to to grab that freebie that you mentioned.

Danielle LeFleur 47:33
If we need another freebie, just let me know. I’ll grab something else. And we’ll we’ll do it. I have like the ultimate SEO checklist to like I do have that one as well.

Abby Herman 47:42
Yeah, that wouldn’t be awesome to do you have another hashtag that we can use for that. Content SEO. How about that?

Danielle LeFleur 47:48
How about content? Seo? Let’s do that one. Okay. This is how marketing supposed to be able to create it while on the podcast. So Done and done.

Abby Herman 47:58
All right. Awesome. Thank you so much.

Danielle LeFleur 48:01
Yes, absolutely. Thanks, Abby.

Abby Herman 48:03
That’s pretty cool stuff. Right? I’ll tell you that the more Danielle and I talked, the more my head was swimming with all of the possibilities around AI. Even better is that I know so many business owners don’t want to learn how to leverage AI you’d rather have someone else do that for you. keep tuning in because this conversation definitely isn’t over. If you found value in what you learned here today, be sure to share it on social media. Take a screenshot of the episode on your phone and share it on Instagram stories. You can tag me at the content experiment and Danielle at Easy as pie design. Or you can head over to LinkedIn and connect with us there. Just be sure you let us know that you found us on the podcast. When you send the connection invite. The more you share this podcast with others the more we can get it into the hands of more business owners just like you who need to hear the message that they are not alone. Until next time, take care.

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