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how to pitch a podcast with angie trueblood

How to Pitch a Podcast with Angie Trueblood

If you’re reading this right now, chances are you love a good podcast. I do too. And if you’re not interested in starting your own podcast, I want you to know how valuable it is to be a guest on a podcast. You can get in front of so many more people by being a guest than you ever could on your own.

And that’s why podcast guesting needs to be part of your content strategy. It’s a way to talk to new people, tell your story in a different way and really impact others.

However, if you’re going to be on others’ podcasts, you need to learn how to pitch yourself so the host will say yes.

Leading with value is vital when you’re creating content for your audience, but value isn’t limited to what you’re putting out there on the world wide web. You also need to lead with value (very specific value) when pitching to be on a podcast.

This week on the Stories in Small Business podcast, I’m talking with Angie Trueblood, a podcast visibility expert, about how to put yourself out there by pitching podcasts, how to determine which podcasts are a good fit for you, how to repurpose your own podcast interviews, how to leverage relationships to get on podcasts and what your pitches should look like–plus a whole lot more.

Listen in now and start getting more visibility for your business right now!

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About Angie Trueblood

As a podcast visibility expert and host of the Go Pitch Yourself podcast, Angie Trueblood knows that the only “perfect pitch” is the one that leads with value and focuses on building a genuine connection. Whether she is teaching entrepreneurs how to pitch themselves or working behind the scenes to secure opportunities for others, Angie leverages her super-connector powers to grow businesses and build long-lasting relationships. When she’s not working with her clients or being active in her local community, she loves exploring Richmond, Virginia’s parks and playgrounds with her two kiddos, checking out new restaurants with her hubs, and laughing about motherhood over cocktails with friends.

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