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Making Business Work for YOU with Melissa Rose

Starting a new business is scary; starting a business as a single mom with five little ones depending on you while navigating the emotions of a divorce is even more so. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. And today’s guest, Melissa Rose, dug in and made it work.

This episode is for all of you who feel like you need to look and be perfect online. You don’t. In fact, it’s time to stop following all those accounts that make you feel bad or like you’re not enough. Melissa and I talk all about the story behind the story, what kind of time you need to invest in business, how to grow and move forward, how to hire the right person the first time and how to invest in a new team member. Melissa also shares about how she onboards new team members–and it’s not through written out SOPs (unless it’s her assistant creating them!).

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About Melissa Rose

Melissa Rose has been a dance educator for over 20 years and a studio owner for 11. Receiving a BFA in Musical Theatre from UWSP, she performed and choreographed professionally throughout the midwest. In 2009, she started her own studio The Dancing House where she shares the art of dance to beginner dancers of all ages both in her brick and mortar studio and her online membership platform called Dance on Demand. As an established entrepreneur, Melissa is often asked to speak as well as coach other business women, empowering them to level up their lives through consistent action.

Melissa lives in Hudson, WI and is a single mama of five kiddos ages 8-17 years, and is frequently asked how she juggles it all. In her podcast “In the Nitty Gritty” she tackles those questions, with a big heap of inspiration and motivation for women entrepreneurs who juggle work, kids, partners & everything else nitty gritty.

To learn more, visit her website. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and subscribe to her on YouTube.

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