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A winning combination for the business growth you want this year.

Two Great Programs in One Place

I mean, maybe you have furry assistants or little ones underfoot, but they’re not really much help with business brainstorming.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re spending loads of time creating content for your business but don’t seem to be making any headway.

You’re trying to get onto other people’s podcasts but your pitches keep getting ignored

Even if you DID get a “yes” from one of those pitches, you’re sure you’d botch the interview

You spend more time than you’d care to admit staring at a blank computer screen, wondering what to post on social media

When you DO start creating, it seems to take fooorrrrever!


There are two things likely going on:

  • The content you’re creating isn’t aligned with what your audience actually needs and wants
  • You’re expecting your audience to find you…magically…when you’re not really showing up online

Oh, and you also aren’t super clear on your messaging or your strategy.

These are all common problems.

 Years ago, publishing the content you wanted online worked, so long as it was optimized with keywords. It felt really easy to get noticed online.

Not anymore.

There’s so much going on online that business owners have to know exactly what their audience needs and wants, know where they want to consume their content, and be able to get in front of new audiences by leveraging other people’s platforms.

Sounds like a lot. And it can be, without support and a plan.

FIRST, be a guest on other people’s podcasts so you can reach new people…who may turn into new clients.
The people who hear you on podcasts will inevitably stalk you (in the good way) online. And that means you should have some content for them to binge on.

SO, have a smart strategy for your content that keeps you from being in constant content creation mode.

You can do both of these things when you grab this limited-time offer bundle:

Get Clients from Podcasting and Content Strategy Clarity. Two proven programs at one great price.


In Content Strategy Clarity, you’ll learn how to…

  • Get your audience to share exactly what they need and want from you (let THEM tell you what content to create)
  • Leverage your own expertise in your content
  • Minimize the content you’re creating so you can get back to working with clients
  • Develop systems and workflows for your content to make the whole process feel so much simpler

With Get Clients from Podcasting you will learn how to…

  • Build a list of the best podcasts to pitch yourself
  • Write your podcast pitches so you’ll get an enthusiastic YES from the host
  • Prep for your interview
  • Create a call-to-action to use while on the interview (hello content clarity!)
  • Track and measure your success

And once you have those new audience members checking out your own website, podcast, or social media platforms, you’ll need some content strategy clarity (and simplicity).

Headshots (7)

All for only $1497
(a $2000+ value)!

Are you ready to simplify all this visibility?

Here’s what you’ll get in each of the programs:

Get Clients From Podcasting

  • Module 1: Getting Clear on Your Intention and Creating Your Podcasting Strategy
  • Module 2: Developing Your Message
  • Module 3: Finding the Right Shows
  • ​Module 4: The 7 Pillars of the Perfect Pitch
  • ​Module 5: Writing the Pitch
  • ​Module 6: Pitch Review Part 1
  • Module 7: Pitch Review Part 2
  • Module 8: Preparing For the Interview
  • ​Module 9: 10 Tips to Being a Great Guest
Bonus templates:
  • 7 Pillars of the Perfect Pitch
  • Media List Template
  • Perfect Podcast Pitch Template

plus a copy of the exact podcast pitch that Lisa uses to book 10+ interviews each month so you can copy exactly what she does!

Content Strategy Clarity

  • Module 1: Ask Your Audience
  • Module 2: Knowing Your Zones of Genius
  • Module 3: Minimum Viable Content Marketing
  • Module 4: Mapping Out Your Strategy
  • Module 5: How to Get It Done
  • Module 6: Creating the Systems and Workflows
Four bonus modules:
  • Bonus: Your Opt-in
  • Bonus: Customizing Your Welcome Sequence
  • Bonus: Getting More Eyes on Your Content
  • Bonus: Messaging on Your Podcast (or as a guest)


All of this for just $1497!

Both programs are self-paced and available to you for the lifetime of the program.

And both programs sell for $997 individually. But they can both be yours for $1497, if you act quickly.

The bundle goes away on April 24.

Lisa Simone Richards horizontal

"Holy cow we did so much! The Content Strategy Clarity Course has given me a solid foundation. I had been having trouble seeing my zones of genius and articulating them - Now they are clear as day, which in turn gives me confidence to become more visible. If you are curious if the Content Strategy Clarity Course is worth it. The answer is YES! Abby takes what you've already done to the next level. She helped me not only organize my thoughts but also helped create zones of genius. This foundation has made what I say and when I say it so much easier. Bonus is that she is so hands on that everyone else in the course becomes your community." - Moira Cleary

"I am so happy I invested in this course with Abby! With the help of this group I have switched the messaging of my business and feel more confident and at ease with the direction I have chosen. I actually get excited when I sit down to plan out my content now because I see how it all fits together and I know that there is a strategic reason behind it. I am no longer putting out content just because I feel like it is something I 'should do'. The templates that Abby provided in the course are unbelievably helpful for organization as well. I look forward to filling up my content library with my new content ideas! Plus there has been fun Bonus content that has allowed me to look at my business from a different perspective. Thanks Abby for all of the support and encouragement!" - Jocelyn Boothby

LSR Interview

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April 24.

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