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Get Started with your Content Creation Today

One thing I strongly believe in and encourage for content creators is repurposing content. Taking some of your pillar content like blogs, videos, and podcast episodes and turning them into other pieces of content, such as video clips, audiograms, LinkedIn articles, social media posts, pull quotes for social media, etc.

But you can’t repurpose without content. You have to actually create it first. So, how do you get started with your content creation?

What should you create?

Well, my suggested system for getting content out there is:

  • Ask your audience what they need and want. You have to create content that your audience will actually consume.
  • Determine where they’re hanging out and publish there. Do they listen to podcasts every day? Watch YouTube videos? Put your content where they already are instead of making them come look for it.
  • Keep publishing consistently.

This cycle should be on repeat. That way your content stays fresh and top-of-mind for your subscribers. That means keep talking to your audience and keep publishing pillar content.

But if you don’t have it in you right now to create blogs, YouTube videos, or a podcast, you still need to be creating something.

If you’re newer to business or you’re in a really crazy season right now, I get it. We’ve all been there. I just want you to know that when it comes to creating content, something is better than nothing.

Content is so much more than a blog post.

Content comes in so many shapes and forms. There are many opportunities for you to connect with your audience and give them something they will love.

Fresh content is:

  • a free opt-in that helps move your audience a step closer to their goals. It offers a quick win for them.
  • being a guest on someone else’s podcast, offering value to their audience and inviting them to join yours.
  • speaking at a summit, with a memorable talk that offers a win to watchers.
  • a social media post that inspires others to take action about something you believe in.
  • doing an IG story, even if that story shows a more personal side of you, like practicing a hobby or walking your dogs or enjoying the outdoors wherever you are.
  • a comment on someone’s LinkedIn account that might get noticed by a prospective client.
  • a webinar you do with a business owner in a complementary business to help get in front of other audiences.

Content doesn’t need to be perfect.

I want you to step outside the pattern of thinking that content needs to be polished, long, and thought-provoking. It doesn’t need to be perfect!

What content does need to do is keep you in front of your audience, provide value, and, if nothing else, be entertaining.

Content is essential to your business. But it doesn’t have to take hours and hours. And if you’re not ready for it, it doesn’t need to be something formal.

But you do need to put yourself out there and create something to stay visible. Don’t wait. Get started with your content creation today.

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