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Why Getting Ahead on Content is so Good for Your Business

You know you need content to keep your business afloat, but it’s so hard to find the time to sit down and write. I know. Even as a writer, I struggle with my own content.

But getting ahead on content is good for your business, and your sanity. Here’s why (and how you can get yourself ahead).

Relieves last-minute stress

There’s nothing quite like writing today’s blog post at 4 a.m. Or rushing to post it before the end of the business day. Not only are these posts painful to write, but they’re probably not your best work either. I speak from experience.

When you’re keeping on top of your content and getting it written ahead of time, you don’t have to stress when your kids get sick, or you have a snow day or when your partner calls up and wants to meet for lunch. You’re not stressed about getting that blog post finished up or that email newsletter written. Because it was done three weeks ago. How good would that feel?

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Allows you to take something off your plate

We all know it takes time to get a blog post loaded and scheduled to go live. You’ve got graphics to create and social posts to write. Click to Tweets to pull from your content and formatting to take care of. I used to find myself scrambling to do this at the last minute, because I put off writing the blog post. (I use “used to” very loosely here.) That could mean a late night or early morning—or you’re a little crabbier than normal when the kids get home from school.

But when you bulk create your content, you can send it off to an assistant to create graphics and load to your website for you. And you can forget about it! That gives you to space to do what you love best: work with your clients.

Allows you to have a streamlined marketing plan

When I first started blogging for business, I wrote about whatever I dreamed up. Whatever sounded good at the time. I didn’t really have a plan in mind; I wrote to get content onto my website. Because, as you probably know, content is good for your search engine optimization.

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But the longer I’ve been in business and the more involved I am online, the more I’ve streamlined my content so it’s aligned to my marketing. You see, I’ve been working on something that’s launching soon and it all revolves around writing accountability and getting your content ready in advance. So that’s what you’re seeing me write about. (Genius, isn’t it?) Keep reading…

Allows you to go on vacation

How great would it be if you could simply sit back and enjoy a vacation—barely checking in with Facebook, except to post some tropical photos of you on the beach? What if you could just worry about client-based activities when your kids are home from school all summer? No more, “Let me just finish up this blog post before we head to the pool.”

When you bulk create content and it’s done, formatted and scheduled on social media, you can do exactly that. It’s just a matter of sitting down and getting it done. But how? And when?

Well, I’ve got you covered. I know how hard it is to get your content written and scheduled weeks and months ahead of time (I type as I’m finishing up this post at the last minute…). That’s why I love my writing dates and CEO dates so much. Accountability.

So I’m bringing the accountability to the masses with my Race to Summer Break program. Get all your content written (Memorial Day through Labor Day) before the kids are out of school for the summer. It’s a low-investment program that I’m announcing on March 16.

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