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What to do When You Hit the Content Wall

What to do When You Hit the Content Wall

What to do When You Hit the Content Wall

We’re not all born writers, just like we’re not all good with numbers (I’m proof of the latter!). But when you’re creating your own content, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re getting the information your audience needs out to them.

I recently posted about both the process I use to write content as well as a formula that may help you write your blog from beginning to end. But sometimes we hit a wall, which is frustrating and can prevent progress later on.

You’re not alone. And it will happen more than once. Even as someone who loves to write, I find writing my own content to be the most challenging. Here are some of the things I do to help me get over the speedbumps and back on the road to writing.

Do Your Research

I’m going to let you in on a little secret here: I don’t know ALL there is to know about online content. And you’re kidding yourself if you think you know everything about your industry. (Besides, where would the fun be if we had nothing left to learn?)

If you’re stuck on a blog post, do some research. Start by Googling the topic and read what others have written on it. You might find you have something to add, a different way to approach the topic or a completely different idea that you haven’t seen yet. Whatever the case, getting input from other professionals in the field may just spark those writing juices and get you typing again.

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Make a List

I have a great idea for a blog post, but when I sit down to write, the words don’t come. Either I can’t organize my thoughts or I’m not sure what I even want to say. I find that making a list of all the big ideas for the topic helps me to create an outline of sorts. I take the outline and expand on it and before I know it, I have a blog post.

Set Realistic Expectations

I know very few people (writers included) who can sit down and plow through three blog posts in one day. It can happen, but if you don’t love writing it likely won’t. Set some realistic expectations for what you want to get done in a week or a month, then plan a way to get there.

It’s also unrealistic to think that if you’ve never blogged before that you will produce two or three blogs a week. You have your business to run, a household to take care of, friends who want to see you, sleep to be had…you get the picture. Don’t kill yourself trying to produce content, thinking that the more you have the better. Quality content wins out every time, and producing mass amounts of content will only lead you to bitterness over writing and eventual burnout.

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Know When to Walk Away

Some days, it’s just not happening. And sometimes those days can turn into a week or two. It’s okay. If you’re creating your content in bulk (which is what I recommend—see my blog about creating a content calendar for more on this), it’s likely that you have a bank of content you can turn to while you get your mojo back. It’s a waste of time to stare blankly at the computer screen, waiting for the words to come. Instead, walk away from the computer and take a short break. Then try to get back at it or switch tasks completely.

Just like you have slow times in your business, you will also have slow times in your content creation. Learn to find ways to help you work through it so you can consistently publish content that speaks to your audience and helps you to grow your business.

But if you’re constantly struggling with getting your content out of your head and onto your blog, a Map It Out session can help! We’ll take a look at where your blocks are and map out a formula and a plan to get you on the road to content creation!

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