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How to Connect Different Pieces of Your Content



Not every piece of information is served well on every content platform. That’s why, when you’re creating a content strategy for your business, it’s important to think about where you want to publish your content.

Creating your content in themes is one of the best ways to do this. It allows you to look at the big picture of a launch or service offering so you can create all the content you need surrounding that one big idea.

As you sit down to create a strategy for your content, first know what smaller ideas you want to share. From there, decide what platform works best for each idea. Make sure that each piece of content complements the others in your arsenal. Ideas should tie together, so your audience finds ideas in your content that naturally fit together.

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I recommend starting with a content centerpiece and building out your strategy from there—leaning on that centerpiece for building out and growing ideas. This helps you to connect all your content together so you can take your audience on a journey with you.

Let’s assume your centerpiece is your blog (though this can work for any content centerpiece). Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Grab a pull quote from your blog to share as a graphic on Instagram.
  • If you’re a business blog, write a personal story about something in your recent blog post.
  • Film a how-to video about one point in your blog post. Better yet, turn your how-to blog post into a series of videos or even a 5-day challenge.
  • Expand on or mention someone’s ideas in your blog and then tag them when you share your content on LinkedIn.
  • When you’re writing your weekly email, think about how to bring up topics you’ve talked about during the week and link to that content.
  • Film a Facebook Live about a question someone asked you about your recent blog post.
  • When you’re creating your YouTube videos, make them tutorials that complement your blog posts.

Do you notice a common thread here? Most of these topic ideas involve a blog post. That’s because your blog is the single most important piece of content you’ll create for your business.

[bctt tweet=”Your blog is the single most important piece of content you’ll create for your business.” username=””]

Every business needs a blog—and especially if you’re just starting out. Of course your blog may not be your, but it should still be present and active in your business.

Connecting all the pieces of your content together helps to support your audience in different ways—with real-life examples, tutorials, how-to’s, lists and other resources that help to grow your know, like and trust factor so you can help more people and grow your business.

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