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Why Being an Introvert is Perfect for My Business

Some people ask me if it’s hard to work from home. Don’t I miss being out and about? Getting “dressed up” for work? Seeing other humans?

To be honest, no. I don’t miss any of those things. While I’m not a total recluse, I have noted recently that I need a hobby that isn’t reading or running. But I’ve noticed, more and more, how introverted I really am.

That’s why I’m glad my business is perfect for me, and perfect for where I am in life. And if you’re an introvert too, a business similar to mine might be right up your alley!

I’m an Introvert. Being at Home Makes Sense.

I didn’t realize how introverted I really was until I had quit my teaching job to grow my business. No wonder I wasn’t happy in the classroom. All the political drama aside, being constantly needed by 30+ third graders—all day, every day—wasn’t my thing. I liked the act of teaching, but not necessarily what came along with it. Noise, questions, illness, more questions, hugging, even more questions, boogers, incessant questions, vomit. And that was just the parents. (Ha! Kidding, of course!)

But seriously, there was so much going on all the time that it made me a little buggy. And crabby. And I had little energy to spend any time with my own kid when I got home.

So being at home, in a quiet office (alone) every day is like heaven. But when it starts to suck, I hop on the phone with some of my favorite biz buddies. Or head to my favorite coffee shop to work with noise around me. Interestingly, I’m heading to the coffee shop less and less lately.

I Don’t Have to Go Anywhere.

I’ve been known to cancel plans with friends at the last moment. To be not-so-secretly happy when plans change. To ignore phone calls and texts because I don’t want to have to come up with a reason why I can’t go to lunch or happy hour or a party.

I used to use my daughter as an excuse for why I couldn’t go out. Now that she’s 14 and can (and wants to) be home alone for hours on end, I need to come up with a new excuse. (I’ve totally given myself away to my real-life friends who read my blog regularly. Oops!)

Honestly, when I didn’t have to haul my work bag, lunch, my favorite caffeinated drink and my kid out the door every morning, I became a different person. I felt less frazzled and less Type A. And on the few days over the last four years that I did have to haul everything out the door, I remembered why I love life so much more now. It solidified the fact that I’d rather stay home than go anywhere. Of course, if you’re on my short list of favorite people, you’re invited over for dinner and a drink!

I Can Express Myself in Ways I Can’t in Person.

I really have no problem getting up in front of a group of people and talking about myself or about what I do. You know, as long as I can convince myself to get dressed and out of the house. But since that doesn’t happen often, I can spend a lot of time “talking” here on my blog or on Instagram. (And be on the lookout because some YouTube videos are coming soon!)

Not only that, but I can really take my time when I write. I can think about what I want to say and edit myself (something I seem to lack when I start talking.) So being an introvert who can write really serves me well! I can say what I want, how I want, in my pajamas.

I know there are plenty of introverted online business owners out there—and many who are not. How does your personality type fit with the business you run? Spill the beans!

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