Is Social Media “Really” Marketing?
Is Social Media “Really” Marketing?

Is Social Media “Really” Marketing?

If you’re posting regularly on social media are you actually marketing your business? (Really?) My short answer is no, you’re not. But it’s a lot more nuanced than that.

Sure, social media creates an online presence for you. But the way most people are “doing” social media is not doing anything to help market their business. Instead, they’re simply making more noise.

This week on the podcast, I’m sharing why social media isn’t “really” marketing if that’s all you’re doing, and what to do instead. (Hint: put some of the social back into social media!)

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Welcome to episode 236 of The Content Experiment Podcast, a podcast for service-driven business owners who know that content is important but there’s so much more to marketing and business growth.

Here we talk about showing up for your audience in a way that they want to hear, in a way that’s sustainable for you. This might mean publishing a weekly podcast or blog, but it also means paying attention to your email list, leveraging other people’s audiences, building relationships, and getting over the limiting mindsets that often hit when we’re reaching for the next level in our business.

I’m Abby Herman, fractional marketing officer, content strategist and podcast manager for business owners who want to make their marketing feel easier and more streamlined so they can get back to serving their clients and making those sales. I’ll show you how OR do it for you, while you do business in a way that works for you–I can help by supporting you through building and implementing a content and marketing strategy, taking care of the podcast management for you, or giving you the tools and resources to take this on yourself.

I’ve had a number of people approach me recently to ask about stand-alone social media services.

Simply posting to social media isn’t marketing; it’s a supplement to traditional marketing

You’re not attracting anyone because a fraction of your followers are seeing it
You’re not being SOCIAL; you’re just creating more content
Chances are most of your posts are promotional, rather than educating and connecting with your audience
Relationships are key in building an online business
Social media a way to broadcast your message, but not to truly build relationships. Think about it: You’re pushing content out to the world, hoping that someone (your ideal customer, maybe?) sees it.

You have no control over the platform algorithms and constant policy changes. Your account might be removed because you violated a policy that you’re not aware of – or maybe a post was perceived by a bot to have violated a policy.
You don’t know who you’re talking to. And even if your followers are all your perfect, ideal audience (they’re not), only a very small percentage of your followers are actually seeing your posts. They’re not always on social, there’s so much noise on social media that they miss your posts, or the algorithm prevents them from seeing your posts. If you’re not engaging with your own content and other people’s content, that percent goes down even more.

What to do instead
Create an integrated marketing strategy. This involves combining various channels, both online and offline, to create a cohesive and comprehensive approach. By integrating social media with other marketing channels, businesses can create a unified brand experience and reach customers through multiple touchpoints. This includes email marketing, publishing pillar content, connecting and building relationships with others, showing up in front of other people’s audiences, and much more.
Building a comprehensive marketing funnel
A well-rounded marketing strategy involves guiding potential customers through a marketing journey. While social media can contribute to the top of the funnel by generating brand awareness, people need to first know who you are by finding you. That means you have to put yourself in front of other people’s audiences or build relationships with others so you’re referrable. A comprehensive marketing journey ensures that every stage of the customer journey is addressed effectively.
Use social media as a brand-building and customer engagement tool
Social media offers different opportunities to establish and grow a brand’s presence. By consistently sharing valuable and relevant content (your pillar content, shared on social + quality, value-driven content), engaging with your audience and other people’s content, and showcasing your personality, you can strengthen your brand image and foster customer loyalty. So basically, once people know who you are, continue to show up on social…but don’t rely on it as a way to grow your business or following. The real meat is in your email list.

You NEED a marketing strategy beyond social media.
While social media plays a valuable role in modern marketing, it should not be viewed as the sole or definitive marketing solution. Businesses must develop a well-rounded marketing strategy that incorporates various channels and tactics to effectively reach their target audience, engage customers, and drive business outcomes. By understanding the limitations and advantages of social media within the broader marketing landscape, businesses can optimize their marketing efforts for long-term success.

If you found value in what you learned here today, be sure to share it on social media. Take a screenshot of the episode on your phone and share it over on Instagram stories. Tag me at thecontentexperiment. Or head over to LinkedIn and connect with me. Be sure to tell me you found me on the podcast when you send the connection invite! The more you share this podcast with others, the more we can get it into the hands of more business owners, just like you, who need to hear the message that they are not alone.

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