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How to Join Your Content Strategy With Your Business Strategy

Whether you know it or not, you have a business strategy. It may feel disjointed and willy-nilly (or even like a hot mess), but there’s some method behind your madness. Are you consistent? Are all parts of your business working together? Maybe not. But the foundation, at least, is probably there.

You know what your long-term goals are and what you value as a business owner. You (hopefully!) know the numbers you need to hit to make a profit and you know what resources you have to help you get there.

One of those resources is content. Because content sells your products and services, even when the primary objective of that content isn’t to sell. (Whaaa?)

[bctt tweet=”Content sells your products and services, even when the primary objective of that content isn’t to sell.” username=””]

Yep, that’s right. When used as part of your overall business strategy, your content will help get you sales.

How? Let ‘em be partners. Get ‘em hitched.

I’ve always believed that relationships are like a partnership—you give and take in different seasons of the relationship. But essentially, you work together to achieve your goals.

That’s what your business strategy and content strategy do for one another. Here’s how:

You know where you want to go (your business strategy).

Your content is your vehicle to get there.

When you use your business goals and strategy to drive your content, your content works more efficiently for you. It’s specific and targeted, moving your audience along their journey with your brand until they become customers.

Your business strategy tells you want you believe in.

Your content strategy communicates that to others.

You have your mission, vision and values statements. Do you know how to communicate that information to your audience? Sure, you can list them out on your website. But it’s more effective to use those statements as a guide when you’re communicating to your audience. As you develop a content strategy, you can do a quick audit to make sure that all your topics relate directly back to your mission, vision and values.

You need to be able to sell if your business strategy is going to work.

Your content strategy helps you build the relationships you need.

Content strategy goes well beyond the blog post and nurturing email. It includes 1:1 emails you’re sending to your clients, your social media posts, your interaction with your ideal audience on social, your Instastories and live videos, and so on. And using content regularly helps you to build relationships with the people you want to work with and who need your services.

[bctt tweet=”Content strategy goes well beyond the blog post and nurturing email.” username=””]

Your business strategy relies on you retaining clients.

Your content strategy gives you the power to do that.

Marketing to your audience can be exhausting. Selling is exhausting. And both are time-consuming. If you can retain the clients you have, you’ll save time and make more money. When you use an effective content strategy, you’ll know you’re interacting with current clients and providing them the support and information they need.

Running a business is hard, and doing it all alone can be even more challenging. But when your business strategy and content strategy get hitched, you’ll find that business is more fun and less stressful.

You’re going to want to start by setting your business goals. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my video and blog on the subject and start moving forward today!

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