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Keeping Your Brand Voice Consistent

Like you, your business has a personality. It’s a living, breathing being that grows and changes as you learn where you want to focus and then get to know your ideal client a bit more.

And like all living, breathing things, your business has its own personality. Its own quirks and oddities. And its own ideas about where to go next.

Of course, you are the one who instills that personality into your business because you’re the face and voice behind it. But your audience needs to be able to see and hear that personality in everything you put out there to the public.

“But I do all my own writing. My brand’s voice is always consistent, because it’s me writing.”

“It’s impossible to stay consistent across different communication modes. They are all just so different.”

“I delegate my content to a copywriter and a social media manager. How is it possible for my voice to be consistent?”

How would you like to get to a restaurant that serves “authentic” Italian seafood dishes when you’re on vacation, only to find out that it’s Long John Silver’s quality fare? Not really what you were looking for, right?

The same principle applies when you’re representing yourself online. You want to be authentic so people will want to work with you, and the last thing you want is for someone to pay for your services and find out that it’s not a good fit.

That’s why developing your brand voice and keeping it consistent is so vital. And I recommend you go beyond developing your voice—you need to have a written record of it too.

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To start, you need to know what questions to ask yourself. That includes a deep dive into your own personality and the personality of your business. You can start by using my Finding Your Voice worksheet to identify some of your personality traits and how others see you. You’ll also look at what inspires you in your business and your life, because these are a part of your own core values as a person (and a business owner).

From there, you will want to revisit these ideas as you’re writing. Hold onto this worksheet so these ideas are top-of-mind when you’re putting together your next blog post or client email. Then ask yourself: Do I sound like others view me? Am I showing how I’m unique? How will someone feel after reading this? (And then check yourself as you run through each question.)

The more you work on your voice, the more comfortable you’ll be with it. But be mindful of the changes you and your business are undergoing. As you grow, your business changes and your voice will also change. And you can answer the questions in the Finding Your Voice worksheet every few months so you can be sure that you’re still on-point.

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