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How to Make the Most of Your Current Client Relationships

Surely it’s happened to you: You’re at the stereotypical car dealership, looking for a new (or new-to-you) car. You know what you’re looking for and are able to go straight to the car you want and tell the salesperson, “This is what I want. This car, right here.”

A trip back to the sales office has you forking over thousands more because you’ve been talked into the floor mats and sunroof and alloy wheels and…and…and…

For many business owners, it feels icky to sell. And as a consumer, it feels even ickier to feel pressured into buying something you don’t really want or need.

[bctt tweet=”For many biz owners, it feels icky to sell. And no one wants to feel pressured by you to buy.” username=””]

As a business owner, your best course of action is to

  • Offer the best experience possible
  • Have offerings that naturally go with current offerings and build on one another
  • Give more value, value, value

Marketing yourself and your business can be time-consuming. And difficult. When you land those clients you love to work with, you need to deliver killer value so they’ll stick around for more.

Whether you offer a straight one-on-one service, group programs or even evergreen courses, opportunities abound for hanging onto those clients you want to keep coming back for more.

We’re not necessarily talking about upselling clients here; we’re talking about keeping them on retainer and being their go-to in your industry when they need what you offer. Maybe you’re a technology guru who helps business owners set up tech systems and processes for their business. Your average consumer will need you multiple times because as they grow, their needs grow and change.

So aside from becoming your clients’ BFF, how can you maintain your relationship and stay top-of-mind? Easy, by staying in front of them in a non-sleazy way that provides continued value and support.

Exclusive Offers

As your audience’s needs grow, you may expand your own content and offerings so you can grow with your clients. If you choose to stay within your own niche and in your own lanes, good for you! But many business owners like to break the mold and grow in different ways.

Or maybe you’re continually honing your craft so you can do better work and be more efficient while you’re doing it. You’re not alone. This is how many business owners grow their businesses and raise their prices—by providing higher-quality services to new and existing clients.

So how do you get your current clients (and higher-end prospects) to buy into this relationship of sticking around for bigger and better things? By creating exclusive content just for this audience.

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With an organized email list, you can tag and segment your subscribers so they’re on specialized lists based on their interests, how they’ve worked with you, what they’ve downloaded from you, etc. This allows you to create content that’s not only tailored to what they need and want, you can also provide content that no one else on your list receives—simply because they’ve purchased from you.

Nurturing Emails

This audience may not respond to the traditional nurturing emails that the rest of your audience receives. That’s not to say that you need to create a specialized email with entirely new information. Instead, add additional value to your exclusive list—from a new downloadable to a trial offer to entry into a contest. Anything that makes this group of clients and prospects feel special is a bonus for them.

Additional Access

When you’ve been working with someone for a while, chances are you’ve developed a relationship with them–one that involves mutual respect and trust. If you’re in that space, give this exclusive group additional access to you, either through a private Facebook group or Slack channel or through coworking sessions where they can ask you questions. It needs to be something small and intimate, so they understand that they are special in your eyes.

However you show up for your audience, be sure that you do so from a place of helping and not pushing them into buying. Have your up-leveled offerings, but don’t push it. When you’ve nurtured your relationships in just the right way, they’ll buy.

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