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Podcast management

You’re ready to offload some (or all!) of your podcast management.

You love your podcast but it's a LOT of work. Logistics, show notes, promotion, tech, you name it. It feels like a full time job, though you already have one of those.

But the visibility benefits you get from publishing your podcast consistently are out of this world.

To continue to create the impact you're making while staying on top of your day-to-day client work, it's time to let someone else take the podcast baton and run with it. 

Show up to record your podcast and let someone else take care of the rest. (Yes, really!)

We have the team for that!

While most packages are customized to meet your needs, your Podcast Management Package could include:

  • Show notes for each episode (let's talk about the detail!)
  • Gathering information from guests (no more scrambling for bios and head shots)
  • Communicating with guests after the show (so they can help with promotion)
  • Loading edited audio to your host
  • Loading and formatting show notes on website
  • All social media captions and graphics (including audiograms) for episodes
  • Complimentary social posts to build out a social media strategy
  • Email to your audience for each episode (including loading and formatting)
  • Developing a content library to keep your content organized for resharing and repurposing (which we can do too!)

Basically, you show up to record and we'll take it from there. We'll work with your editor or enlist our own editor, and can even take over initial guest outreach and booking if you need!

Podcast management package

Prices start at $2800/month for weekly podcast episodes (and vary depending on your unique needs)

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