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Why You Need an Opt-In Quiz for Your Business


How many quizzes do you take a day? You know the ones—the fun “What Disney Princess Are You?” or “What is Your Spirit State?” quizzes, where you dive deep into who you are as a person and basically get your life’s horoscope in 10 questions or less.

Okay, I jest. But quizzes are fun, right? They’re a way to break up some of the monotony of the day and focus on something fun.

As a business owner, you can also use a quiz to help grow your email list. With your ideal tribe. And while segmenting your list.

Offering a quiz to your audience gets them thinking about your product or service in a different way and allows you to place those who completed it in a specific funnel that provides more value and leads them along the journey to purchasing from you.

I recently teamed up with Interact to create a quiz to help my audience gauge how they feel about content strategy and planning in general. And the results are very interesting!

Why Create a Quiz

Quizzes are nothing unique—I’m sure you see them daily on Facebook or in your inbox. But using a quiz in your business isn’t your typical opt-in. Here are some of the top reasons you should be using a quiz to attract new subscribers to your email list:

  • It’s not just another download no one will use. I mean, let’s get real. How often do you sign up for a downloadable and then never look at it? I’ve started printing them out so I’ll at least have a hard copy of what I sign up for. But they usually just sit on my printer until I’m tired of looking at them and then I plop them in the rectangular file bin (aka the trash). With a quiz, there’s nothing to download, which I think makes it all that much more appealing.
  • It allows you to gauge buy-in from your audience members. Quizzes are typically 4-7 questions long, so someone who completes it has some buy-in to your service. You know that they’re interested because they took the time to go through the process. They didn’t simply enter an email address and then promptly ignore your email with the download. Someone who completes a quiz is clearly more invested in doing business with you.
  • It gives you real feedback—without having to talk to your readers. With Interact, you can see how your audience answers each question so you can find out what their real struggles (or interests) are. This gives you valuable insights into what kind of content to create for your audience down the road.
  • It helps your audience think about your services or products in a whole new way. You build a quiz with the end in mind, knowing what you want quiz-takers to get out of the process. Basically, you guide them through a journey with your questions and with their ultimate result. And you get to control that journey and where you focus the emphasis.
  • It allows you to customize the content you send to your audience. Depending on which plan or program you go with, you can integrate with your email provider and automatically tag those who go the whole way through the quiz and enter their email address to get their results. On the quiz below, I have each user going through a funnel that’s anywhere from 1 to 7 emails long, depending on the result. Each quiz finisher receives a download with tips, tricks and resources to help them get better at strategizing their content or moving on to the next stage. It’s basically a welcome sequence on steroids.
  • It’s super fun—and educational. And not just for the quiz-taker, either. I had so much fun creating my own quiz that it’s a service I plan to offer my strategy and blogging clients as well. Because I know that it’s a valuable, strategic move to offer quizzes like this (and more)!

If you haven’t taken my quiz to find out what kind of content planner you are, take a crack at it now. And if you’re interested in creating a quiz for your own business, give Interact a shot or schedule a Quick Chat with me!


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