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Pieces to the Website Puzzle

building your website

Developing a website is a lot like putting together a puzzle. There are certain pieces it needs to have, depending on you and your business. But figuring out what pieces fit, and where, can be a challenge. Here are some tips on what pieces you need—and why.

Home Page

Every website needs a home page. If your visitors are specifically searching for your website, that’s where they’ll land. (Note that sometimes they’ll land on an internal page, like your blog, when searching a specific keyword from a search engine.) Your home page should include the name of your business, a visually-pleasing image, your logo and some general information about the services or products you provide. Don’t go into too much detail here; most visitors won’t scroll much past the first few lines—either because they don’t know there’s more information or they’re lazy. Yep, it’s true!


Generally speaking, website content is static. You won’t update your website on a regular basis, and that’s okay. I don’t change my website more than a few times a year unless I have new products or services to add. But it’s vital to have fresh content on your website on a regular basis if you want the search engines to find you. That’s where a blog comes in! A blog is a quick and easy place to publish information about your business, your industry or simply things that are of value to your clients. Plan to have a blog. You need it!
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About Page

Consumers want to know who they are buying products or services from. And as a small business owner, that means they want to know more about you as a person. This is not a place to tout all your accomplishments (that’s what LinkedIn is for). Instead, give some background about how you came into your industry, what you love about your business and maybe a bit about your family. Don’t write your life’s story—just show that you’re a human being, not a computer screen.

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Services and Products Page

Why would someone visit your website? To find out more about your services and products, of course! Be sure to include a page that highlights what you have to offer. Include details that sell and more information about how to buy your products and services. Maybe you have links to a shopping cart or a PayPal link. Make it easy for someone to buy from you!

Contact Page

If a visitor has a question, do you offer a way to get in touch with you? Include your phone number and email address on your home page and on a separate contact page. If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, also include your address and even an embedded map so people can find you quickly. If you’re hesitant about including personal information, at the very least you need a contact form that redirects to your mailbox when someone fills it out. And be sure to follow up when they do!

Of course, there are many other pages you could include on your website. The size of your business, the services you offer, the industry, etc. all have an impact on what you can and should offer online to your potential customers.

Feel like you need help sizing up your website? Schedule a Map It Out session with me! We’ll get over your hurdles and get your website started on the right track!

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