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The Content Experiment Podcast

The Content Experiment Podcast supports the idea that content and marketing are ever-moving targets in any business, and it's okay if you don't feel like you're doing it all right all of the time. You have permission to experiment with little tweaks and changes in your content to find what works for you, what increases value for your audience, and what grows your business. And most importantly- what feels good for you.

Listen in to episodes and interviews that prove that it's not about what the big marketing brands and online gurus think is the right thing. It's about you and your business, your lifestyle, and your values and belief system.

using content to build relationships

Using Content to Build Relationships

If you’re just putting content out there to your audience, hitting publish and walking away, you’re doing it all wrong....
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Why the Experts’ Strategies Won’t Work for You

Who are the big names in small business that you follow? My guess is that if you listed them off,...
how to create content

How to Put Yourself Out There (with content)

You know how important content is for your business, and if you’ve been listening along to the last two episodes...
How to Create a 90-Day Content Plan

How to Create a 90-Day Content Plan

You have all the ideas about your content but you don’t know how to put those into a succinct plan...
How to Develop Your Content Ideas

How to Develop Your Content Ideas

Don’t believe those so-called gurus who tell you that you don’t need content to sell your products or services. Yes,...
stories in small business podcast

How to think of yourself as an expert

Are you an expert in what you do? Are you willing to shout that from the rooftops? If you’re not...
Stories in Small Business - How to talk about what you do

How to Talk About What You Do

Do you struggle with how to talk about what you do, both with friends and family and when you’re networking?...
Stories in Small Business podcast

Developing Core Beliefs in Content

We all have core values and beliefs as business owners, and likely many of them are similar across different businesses...
stories in small business

The Types of Stories We Tell

Do you have a jerk in the back of your mind, telling you things that are holding you back--in life...
stories in small business episode 2

My Own Business Story

Everyone has a story, both in life and in business. And if you're following me, you probably know at least...
stories in small business podcast

Welcome to Stories in Small Business

Welcome to the Stories in Small Business podcast, a podcast experience that puts to rest the idea that we all...

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