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How to Reuse Old Blog Content

How to Reuse Old Blog Content: What You Haven’t Thought Of

You have a blog that you’ve been publishing on, religiously, for the last year. You have so much content there that you don’t feel like you have anything new to say.

In reality, I’ll bet you still have plenty to say. And plenty of places to say it.

I published a video a few weeks ago that gave you nine ways to repurpose your blog content. Here, I’m expanding on that list to give you some fresh ideas that you may not have thought of before. These are all really simple ways to reuse content you’ve already created.

But first: Why should you repurpose your blogs?

  1. Not everyone will read your blog. So provide your content in other formats that will allow you to reach a wider audience.
  2. Your blog content can get stale. By repurposing an old post, you can freshen it up and provide more value.
  3. Connecting different pieces of content (like I did with the video I linked to above) can help boost your search engine optimization and audience.
  4. More content in more places means more people will see your message. And that’s really your goal, isn’t it? To broaden your audience?

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Are you convinced yet that you need to reuse your blogs and other content? Good. Now let’s talk about the how.

Make it Audio

Not everyone wants to read a blog. But they might listen to it instead. Record yourself reading some of your most popular blog posts and send that content out to your audience, podcast style.

Turn it Social

Taking key pieces of your blog content and turning them into social media posts is as easy as a cut-and-paste.

Make it an Infographic

If you have tutorials on your blog, you can easily turn them into infographics. Similarly, when you’re trying to prove a point that involves statistics, an infographic works well as a visual.

Write a Guest Post

If your audience asks for a certain kind of content repeatedly, take a few of your most-read blogs and turn them into a guest blog post. Be careful that the content you create is original and you don’t just change key phrases. Publishing similar content on two different sites will get you—and your guest blog host—a ding from Google.

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Create an Update

If you’re in the online world, you know that information changes. And regularly. Take an older blog post, add an update with the new information, and republish it. You’ll gain bonus points from your audience if they know you’ve been keeping tabs on the industry and know what’s what. This is a very quick way to reuse content.

Present the Material

Go offline and create an in-person presentation about a series you’ve created. For example, I presented to a local networking group about email marketing, something I’ve written about several times. I simply pulled out my blog posts, did some additional research and I was ready!

Of course, these are just a few ideas for reusing content that you may not have thought of yet. If you haven’t watched my video on ways to repurpose yet, make sure you do that now! And if you need more ideas, grab this worksheet to help!

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