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Save Time – Repurpose Your Content Countless Ways!

When we hear “content,” we often think of blog posts and social media updates. But creating content goes well beyond a few lines of text. There are countless ways to get your message out to your audience, and it doesn’t have to eat up your schedule to do so.

A great part of creating content for your business (that many often forget) is that you don’t have to start from scratch every time. Your audience consumes content from all different directions and modes—reading your Facebook updates, clicking on links in Twitter, listening to podcasts, watching videos, downloading freebies, opening that email, etc. And chances are, they don’t do more than two of these in a day.

So as you’re creating content for your blog, think about how you can repurpose that content for your audience, or even a different audience altogether. Some of your potential clients might love reading blogs during a long commute on public transportation. Or listening to a podcast while running errands. The point is, they’ll find the mode that’s most convenient for them.

Here’s how to do it!

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Writing Your Blog

I typically will write my blog first, because writing comes naturally to me. From there, I’ll choose select pull-quotes to use for my Click to Tweets. This allows my audience to quickly tweet out my content for me. I also use these pull-quotes as my own Twitter posts during the week, automatically repurposing some of my content for those who are active on that platform.

Share your blog on Facebook and be sure to include a link to your “latest and greatest” blog posts in your email newsletter.

Using Video

Many business owners struggle with writing, so they opt to start with video instead. Periscope about a topic you’d like to blog about, then transcribe the content into a blog post. You might need to tweak a few things to help it read better, but it’s much better than starting from scratch! If you already have a blog post written, reuse your ideas through a Periscope or Facebook Live broadcast.

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Adding Freebies

A great way to grow your email list and provide even more value to your audience is to add freebies to your blog posts and email newsletters. Whether it’s a checklist or an ebook or a planning guide (like the one I’ve provided you below!), a freebie can give your audience more information about a topic and encourage them to take action. A complementary video or accompanying blog post can show your audience how to use the freebie, giving added value without having to do (much) additional work.

Posting Podcasts

We don’t all have the wherewithal to manage a podcast for our audience, especially if speaking is not your forte. But you can reach out to those who do have a podcast and make a proposal to be a guest. This can be a boon to a business getting ready to launch a product or service or provide you a new avenue to test out a new way to deliver content. And if you love the format, you can start your own!

Using Email

Inboxes are a direct link to your audience, and a great way to personalize the information each person receives. Not only can you include each recipient’s name in a blast email (if you’ve collected that information), you can also personalize who receives what types of emails, depending on the email management system you use. A warning though: Many people are fiercely protective of those inboxes. Be careful that your emails are full of valuable content and that they arrive in your audience’s inboxes (and not their spam folders). Some ideas include highlights from and links to your blogs or podcasts as well as content from complementary businesses.

There are so many ways to repurpose your content that it simply doesn’t make sense to be constantly starting from scratch. What are some of your favorite ways to repurpose (or digest) content?

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