Strategy & Retainer - The Content Experiment

You’re ready for your brand to get visible online.

You know you can’t attract the clients you want if no one knows you’re out there. But you’re busy doing what you started your business to do–work in your zone of genius.

You’re ready for someone to take the content marketing off your plate and run with it.

To truly create an impact online and get noticed, you need to publish content across multiple channels on a consistent basis.

And then you need to check in with your analytics regularly to see what’s working and what needs some tweaking.

We have the team for that!

While most packages are customized to meet your needs, your Brand Visibility Package could include:

  • Marketing goals development
  • Content strategy based on content performance
  • Pillar content development (podcast outlines and show notes, blogs, videos, etc.)
  • Email marketing growth and development
  • All loading and formatting of the developed content
  • Full management of your marketing and content calendar
  • Graphics development for created content
  • Full strategy for additional content (social media, Instagram and Facebook videos)
  • Monthly analytics reports on all content
  • Pitch ideas and development for PR opportunities
  • Social media development
  • Monthly (or weekly, depending on your package) check-in calls

Prices starting at $1205/month for 2 pieces of pillar content per month; $2169/month for 4 pieces of pillar content per month

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