Streamlining Project Management with ChatGPT
Streamlining Project Management with ChatGPT

Streamlining Project Management with ChatGPT

I’m not a project manager, but with the help of ChatGPT, I’ve created some great systems around marketing and content–for myself and for clients. From standard operating procedures to project plans to program outlines, ChatGPT can save you time and money in your project and content management.

Listen in to hear how you can leverage AI to work on off hours (while no one is the wiser!), plan for a launch with a vacation smack in the middle of it, organize content in a way that makes sense to everyone on the team, and even how to get input on taking a road trip!

Even if you’ve avoided using AI on your content, it’s an incredibly powerful tool that you’re likely already using in your business! Listen in!

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Welcome to The Content Experiment Podcast, a podcast for service-driven business owners who are ready for some real talk when it comes to marketing.

There’s so much buzz out there about marketing and content strategy, from people who aren’t actually doing the work themselves. And there’s us…the true small business owner who is simply trying to make an impact in their own small circle of influence.

I’m Abby Herman, fractional marketing officer, content strategist and podcast manager for business owners who want to make their marketing feel easier and more streamlined so they can get back to serving their clients and making those sales. Here we talk about REAL marketing strategies for those who are in the weeds and doing the work, not outsourcing it to big teams. You’ll hear from real business owners just like you who are marketing on a budget, looking for easy-to-implement strategies, and want some guidance from people who are accessible and real.

Thanks so much for being here!

We’ve spent plenty of time talking about AI and ChatGPT this month, but to round out the discussion I wanted to talk about using chat, GPT to help you with your project management. Now I am totally not a project manager however, I have found some really cool tips and tricks that can help you save time when planning out project plans or Developing SOP’s for your business and more. So I wanted to share that information here in case you want to borrow a few ideas.\

Segment 2: ChatGPT in Project Management
Dive into specific ways ChatGPT can be integrated into project management:

Automated communication and updates. So this one should probably be in air, quotes, air quote, automated, but it’s somewhat automated nonetheless. If you are like me, you often spend time really early in the morning or on the weekends catching up on work or feeling really inspired so you sit down at your computer at a time that is not your typical Work hours. And when you do that, you often have questions or project updates that you want to send to team members or to clients. Now one thing that annoys the heck out of me is getting notifications outside of my normal work hours. I feel compelled to respond to them, whether or not the person sending the notification or email or Slack message or whatever expects me to. so I have all of my notifications turned off on my phone. But I know that that is not the norm so this tip well help when you are sending a note via Slack or email to someone, don’t deliver it right away. Instead, schedule it for, the next workday morning. Not only will you save the recipient to the frustration of getting a notification outside of work hours, you also do not show that person that you are working on off hours. Sometimes when a client sees that you’re working in the evenings or on a weekend they start to think that that is, something that you will just do. I do it for myself, not for clients. So I think that it’s important to not set a precedent of working on off hours. These automations help

Generating project reports, plans, and summaries.

I was helping a client with a launch last year and I was taking a vacation in the middle of the planning of the launch. So I needed to put together a project plan that took both the vacation into account but also review and approval times. So I used a prompt, plugged it into chat, GPT And asked it to create a project plan around those parameters. The plan included due dates, review dates, who was responsible, and the tasks that needed to happen. What was great is that chat? GPT even added in a few tasks that I forgot about. It saved me so much time!

Assisting in risk analysis and decision-making processes.
OK, this one I’m going to share a personal experience with you. Mostly because I can’t think of a business use case for chat, GPT but also because I think that this is just super fun. Last year, I was taking a road trip from Charlotte, North Carolina to Washington DC. Had three days to make the trip and I wanted to do some sightseeing along the way. I plugged into ChatGPT where I was going, the things I was interested in seeing, the types of restaurants I wanted to eat at, what time I was leaving Charlotte and what time I had to get to DC. And I even included the name of my gym, because there were locations along the way, and asked chat, GPT to map out the best route and offer suggestions for hotels to stay at along the way. this trip happens over the summer of 2023 so it was before ChatGPT had the upgraded knowledge base but I was incredibly impressed with its ability to map out ideas and offer so many great suggestions. Unfortunately, some of the restaurants were closed down because at that point ChatGPT is knowledge base was sent to 2019. But it is much better today.

Streamlining documentation and administrative tasks.
Having standard operating procedures or SOP‘s. Is so helpful in a business. Especially if you have multiple team members working on a project or if you have any kind of turnover. We have been working on making sure the SOP‘s for my business and for the marketing pieces of our clients businesses are all up-to-date, so as I was working on this, I started writing out, detailed written notes for the SOP. It took forever. It was frustrating and I know I missed some detail. So the next time I updated something, I walked through the entire process from start to finish. Let’s say that it was loading a podcast to a clients website. I walked through it step-by-step in a loom video, talking through the whole thing. I then created a transcript of the video and loaded it into chat, GPT with a prompt, asking it to create an SOP for me. And it worked beautifully! It was formatted, in an outline format, and included each of the steps that were in the video. And I didn’t have to write it out! I sent that along to the admin at the business that I was working with, and she tidied everything up and we were done!

Now I don’t recommend using ChatGPT for everything and I certainly don’t recommend plugging in prompt and copying and pasting them somewhere. You can listen back to episode 257 to find out why. But it is a really handy tool to help you save time. ChatGPT is smart, but it is not human. So if you’re asking it to create an SOP, or to create a project plan, make sure that you are double checking it for consistency, and to make sure that what it suggests is actually possible for a human. That’s really the key in all of this discussion. And ChatGPT. about recognizing that it’s a tool, but it is not the thing that you should just simply run with. What are your best cases for ChatGPT in your own business? In your project management, operations, finances, marketing? I would love to hear!

If you found value in what you learned here today, I would be so honored if you would leave a rating and review. And don’t be shy about sharing the episode with someone who might need it. The more you share this podcast with others, the more we can get it into the earbuds of more business owners, just like you, who are looking for easy-to-implement strategies, and want some guidance from people who are accessible and real. That’s what you’ll find here. Thanks for being here.

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