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Testimonials: More Free Marketing

You want to hire a contractor or buy a course but you’re not sure if the business you want to buy from is legit or if the product is worth the investment. What do you do? You head over to the business’s website—and the testimonials page—to read what others have to say.

Is that something you’ve ever done? Yup, me to. And while testimonials don’t always tell the whole story, you’re sure to get some valuable information from them (or the lack thereof).

Showcasing testimonials on your website is a great way to demonstrate the value you bring to the table. It tells your story—or the story of your product/service—from someone else’s perspective. It’s free marketing you can use anywhere you have content online, including your social profiles and your email marketing campaigns. And it gives you feedback on what your client thought was the most valuable part of your product or service.

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If you don’t already have a testimonial page on your website, it’s not too late to start gathering the content you need. Here’s how:

  • You’ll have to do a little backtracking to start. That means contacting past clients and customers to ask them to provide you some feedback. I use a form I created in JotForm, so my clients can submit their testimonial and approve its use on my website all in one place. You can try asking some leading questions to help them write, or let them simply speak from the heart.
  • Moving forward, set up an automated email for your clients. You can do this with your PayPal payment or through your email service. Then, when you close out a project, you’ll automatically ask the client for an email without ever having to think about it. Score!
  • LinkedIn is another great place to house testimonials. Toward the bottom of your profile, you’ll find a “Recommendation” section. Choose “Ask to be recommended” and send a note to any clients you’re connected with. Be sure to send a personalized note when you request a recommendation—it’s just good form.

As a small business owner, you’ll quickly notice the benefits of hosting testimonials on your website. So be sure to provide testimonials to the individuals and businesses you employ. And keep your testimonials up-to-date with every new client you win or project you complete. Don’t let it sit stagnant—add new content every time you receive new feedback.

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