How to Say “Thank You” In (and To) Small Business - The Content Experiment
How to Say “Thank You” In (and To) Small Business

How to Say “Thank You” In (and To) Small Business

How to Say “Thank You” In (and To) Small Business

November is the month that posts about gratitude start riddling social media. But being grateful shouldn’t just be something we think about in one month; it’s something we need to keep top-of-mind all year long.

On that note, I’d like to share with you some of the best ways you can say thank you–either to a small business or as a small business owner.

Support Small Business

  • Go out of your way to eat at a locally-owned restaurant, rather than a big chain. You may find a wider selection and some unusual dishes.
  • Shop locally-owned stores whenever possible. Grandma doesn’t want that sweater from the big-box store. Find something unique from the boutique down the road.
  • When you can’t find what you want in your neighborhood, shop handmade items on Etsy. You’ll find unique gifts you never would have thought of–and fun takes on other gifts.
  • If you buy on Etsy, take a moment to write down which maker created the gift you purchased. Etsy is simply the home for different store fronts, like the mall, but there are thousands of artists who sell their goods there. Once you receive the gift, give that specific maker a shout-out!
  • If a family member or friend owns a small business, take the time to find out what it is they do and support them however you can. Refer business to them, brag about them to your friends, buy from them (and don’t ask for a discount).

For the Small Business Owner

  • Do away with the standard gift boxes that are the same for everyone on your list. Instead, buy holiday gifts early and send unique thank you gifts to your clients and team members.
  • Send handwritten thank you notes throughout the year to stay top-of-mind with all your customers.
  • If you received a nice gift from another small business owner, hop on Instagram and shout them out! Be sure to tag the sender and the maker in the post.
  • During the holidays, add special clients and team members (and business friends) to your family holiday card mailing. They’d love to see your annual family newsletter as well as the fun photos of your brood.
  • Have someone on your team that does an especially great job? Shout them out on social media. So many businesses rely on referrals and social media to survive, you’re doing them a service by helping them attract new business.

Life and business are busy, all year long. But small business owners work hard every day of the week. If you’re a business owner, take a moment and thank the people who have helped you get where you are. And if you know a business owner, they deserve some support!

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