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Top 5 Website Pages


Kind of seems like a no-brainer, right? You have a website and you need pages (and content) to help sell your product or service. But as small business owners start to develop their site, they don’t know what pages to include on their website or what information should go on each page.

Here, your website content cheat-sheet: What pages you need and what content needs to be on each page.

Your Home Page

Contrary to popular belief, this is not always where your visitors will land first on your website. Depending on what they search for, they could land on your blog or any of your website’s other interior pages. But chances are your visitors will head to your home page at some point.

Your home page should look a bit different from your interior pages—maybe with additional graphics or a slightly different design and layout. Include a brief description of who you are and what your company does, but avoid so much text that your readers have to scroll too far down the page. (Guess what? People tend to bounce off your page before they get through more than a paragraph or two.)

[bctt tweet=”Keep your home page text short and sweet, before your audiences bounces away!”]

Your About Page

This is where you get to tell YOUR story. As a small business owner, your clients and prospects need to get to know you as a person. Tell about yourself—your background, your experience, what makes you unique. Include some photos of yourself and links to your professional social platforms.

Your Services and Products Page

Okay, back to your business. Your business isn’t successful unless you have profits, right? So what is it you are selling? Let your visitors know! The options here vary widely, however it’s important to use language and emotions that will resonate with your ideal customer so they’re compelled to take action—come to your location, browse through your online inventory, send you a message for more information or book an appointment with you. Provide as much information about what you’re selling as possible, however you do not need to write pages and pages of content. Chances are, your audience isn’t going to take the time to read it. You’ve been on sales pages that seem to go on forever and you just think, “Geez…Give me the pricing already!” I know I certainly have!

Be clear and concise and describe the benefits of your product or service. Then score the sale.

Your Contact Page

No matter what kind of business you have, it’s vital that your potential customers be able to contact you. Even if you choose not to have your phone number available online, be sure to post your email address or a contact form at the very least. If you’re a brick and mortar business, you must share your address and include an embedded map to make it easy for people to find you. While your social icons should also be at the top or bottom of every page, you can also include these in the body of the contact page.

Your Blog

You cannot simply “have a website.” Your website is a living, breathing document that needs to include fresh content on a regular, consistent basis. Your blog provides content you can share on social media and it also helps to drive traffic to your website through search engines. While your blog isn’t technically one page one your website (each post is ultimately housed on its own page), it is a vital component of a successful website. Don’t think you have anything fresh to write about? Think again! Here are some places to find new blog ideas. Still stumped? Schedule a Map It Out session and we’ll brainstorm plenty together!

Developing a new website isn’t rocket science and it doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. With the right plan and the right team, you can build a site that is a conversion and sales machine!

[bctt tweet=”With the right plan and team, your website can be a sales machine!”]

What are some other pages you’ve found to be high-traffic on your own website?

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