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Top 8 Reasons to Blog

It still surprises me to visit the websites of both local and online businesses and not find a blog (or, shoot, not find a website at all!). It’s the digital age and businesses without an online presence can rely on traditional advertising and word-of-mouth for only so long.

A blog is a huge asset to growing and established businesses, but if you don’t know the value it’s time to get educated!

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  1. It’s a marketing tool
    Marketing is different from selling, and your blog is a marketing machine. When you blog, you plant seeds in the minds of your potential clients and grow roots in the minds of your current clients.
  2. Builds your credibility
    You might be the best electrician, website designer or nutritionist on this side of the Mississippi, but if you can’t provide me some value that illustrates your expertise, chances are I’m not going to buy from you. Don’t just tell about your expertise, show it. Well-researched articles about your industry will grow your credibility so you’re the go-to resource for your field.
  3. Educates your audience
    You’re an industry expert and your customers look to you for information relating to your field. If you don’t provide the latest research, ideas, inspiration, motivation and knowledge online, they’ll find it somewhere else—likely with your competition.
  4. Allows you to vent (without venting)
    Who doesn’t get frustrated by their clients from time to time? If you never do, you’re just not human. Some of my best blog ideas come out of my frustration with a client or two. Rather than blow off steam by complaining about it, I use my frustration as an opportunity to educate my audience.
  5. Boosts your offline business
    People use the internet to make purchasing decisions—whether they’re purchasing at a brick-and-mortar business or online.
  6. It’s more cost-effective than advertising
    This can be a toss-up, depending on where you’re currently advertising and who’s writing your blog. But in general, a blog is a much more cost-effective choice that traditional advertising. Plus, you’re offering value to your audience rather than just trying to sell to them. And your audience will appreciate it.
  7. Grows the know, like and trust factor
    No one wants to go online just to be sold to. They want information, and they want it for free. Your blog allows you to provide free information to your audience, whenever they happen to log on and find you.
  8. Gives you something to share
    Ever struggle with what to share on social media? Your blog is the perfect piece of content to post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social platforms.

If you don’t have a blog yet, what are you waiting for? It’s essential for online success today. Don’t know where to start? A Map It Out session allows us to talk through your roadblocks so we can get you ready for blogging success!

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