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Top Way to Save Time Creating Content? Batch it!

Getting into the content creation mode can be tough, even for those of us who create content for a living. There’s so much to do and often so little time between client work and family obligations.

That’s why when I sit down to create content, I batch it. It doesn’t make sense to write one blog post today and film one video tomorrow, then try to squeeze in a nurturing email between calls. This actually takes even more time to do, because you have to get in a certain frame of mind to create content for your business.

Not convinced? Read about why batch creating is so beneficial to your business and your audience—then watch my tutorial on how to actually get it done with your sanity intact.

Creates More Streamlined Content

When you batch create content, you go into the process with ideas at the ready. You know what you’re going to create for weeks (or even months!) at a time, allowing you to create themes with your content. This allows you to be more streamlined so you can focus on the journey you’re taking your audience on—from brand awareness to demonstrating your expertise to growing your relationship.

[bctt tweet=”Batching your content lets you focus on the journey you’re taking your audience on.” username=””]

Frees Up Time for Other Tasks

What would you do if all your content was written (or recorded), edited and loaded for the next month? (Pinch yourself to make sure you weren’t dreaming?) Seriously though. Think about it would feel like to just do the work you love in your business, knowing that your content was still being delivered to your audience. Your YouTube videos, blog posts, social content, nurturing emails, you name it. It was all done and you could focus on other parts of your business: intensive client work, creating programs, pitching media, growing relationships, etc.

I recently filmed and edited five weeks of YouTube videos in one day. The following day, I loaded, optimized and scheduled all of those videos. And after? I felt free. Because once that was done, I could focus on other areas of my business: the program I’m launching in September, the ebook I’m creating and other projects I wouldn’t be able to focus on if I was onsey-twosey (yep, a word!) creating videos.

Puts Your Mind at Ease

How often do you wake up in the middle of the night, panicked because you forgot to write your blog post that you were supposed to have ready…um…today? If you say “Never,” I’d bet that you’re lying to yourself just a bit. I’m pretty particular about creating content in advance and I’ve been in that panicked position more than I’d like to admit.

When I follow my content strategy and have my content planned in advance, I don’t have to stress about creating my own content—I can focus on my clients and their needs.

[bctt tweet=”When I have a strategy, I don’t stress about creating my own content. I can focus on my clients.” username=””]

I have certain days set aside for creating my own content. Those are dedicated times that are just for me and my business so I can focus on content creation and growth. It’s made a huge difference for me and my business because I’m able to provide my audience the help and guidance they need. Plus, it keeps me pretty sane. That’s always a bonus!

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