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Hiring a professional writer for your creative business

Why Hire a Professional Writer

Why Hire a Professional Writer for Your Creative Business

Many small business owners can—and do—write their own website content and blogs. I’m right there with you on being a DIYer. But sometimes we need to admit that we can’t do it all ourselves. Either we don’t have the time, hate a specific task or just lack the skills to do it right the first time.

Take yard work for example. I have several large trees in my yard and I’d probably break my neck trying to trim them. I’ll let your imagination run wild at the mental picture of me demonstrating to my dad how I was going to chop one of them down one year. It wasn’t pretty, and my dad promptly told me I’d chop off my own foot with the way I was wielding my imaginary chain saw (and then he came over to cut it down for me).

I really had no idea what I was doing, and thankfully someone recognized that. Yard work isn’t for everyone. Neither is performing plastic surgery, or teaching children, or doing taxes. That’s why we have trained professionals in those fields.

So maybe writing isn’t your “thing,” and that’s really okay. That’s one clue that hiring a professional writer should be on your to-do list. Here are other reasons why a pro writer might be the best person to write about you and your business.

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Above all, a professional content writer will help you develop consistency in your copy. Whether it’s posting a blog on a specific schedule, making sure your website speaks in the same voice or that your social media messages are geared to the same audience, a professional writer is skilled at consistency.

Your audience comes to expect content from you on a consistent basis. Fail them and they’ll find their content elsewhere. If you commit to posting a blog twice a week, be prepared to stick to that schedule. If you know you need quality content on a regular basis but don’t have time to write it, a professional writer can.


A professional writer has the education and work experience to develop quality, professional content that will help you get noticed online. They’ve done it before and had success and they have the happy clients to prove it. They know how to use keywords effectively and can create content that draws the reader in.

If you don’t have experience producing content for the Web, find someone who does. At the very least, many writers have consultation services and can help walk you through the steps to online content success.


Just like you have a process to get your job done efficiently and effectively, so does a professional writer. If I had opted to chop down that tree in my yard myself, it would have taken hours longer than it took my dad—someone who had done the job before and knew what to do. If you find yourself Googling things like “using keywords in copy” or “writing a meta description” or even “blogging best practices,” think about whether you’re being efficient with your time. It might be best to leave the content for the pro and save your time for doing what you do best—run your business.

[bctt tweet=”Leave the content for the pro and save your time for doing what you do best—run your business.”]


Do you get a migraine thinking about having to manage the content on your website? Would you sleep better at night, knowing that someone else was responsible for ensuring your content gets written? The convenience (and piece of mind) alone when hiring a professional writer might just make the cost worth it. A pro writer will help you develop your content calendar (or do it for you) and leave nothing to chance when it comes to publishing. Many writers will even help to manage the project—posting your content on your website after you’ve approved it.

When developing your online content, whether it’s your website, blog, social media or email marketing, consider where your expertise is and whether content writing is in your wheelhouse. Sometimes an initial consultation appointment with a writer is enough to help make the decision for you.

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