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Why Outsource Your Blog?

You know you need fresh content on your blog, but you never seem to find the time to create it. Besides, what would you even write about? And once written, you need to promote the blogs so people will read it.

Managing a blog is time-consuming, and when you’re not a writer it can be a time-suck that you put off—and never get around to. Hiring someone to write your blog for you will help you get and stay on the online map because a writer can offer you some things that you can’t do yourself.

Guaranteed Content

How many times have you promised yourself that you’d get that content written? Or, for that matter, promised your spouse you’d fix that leaky faucet? The truth is, if we’re doing it ourselves it’s less likely to get done. But when you hire it out, you’re paying someone to complete a job by a specific deadline. And if your blogger is worth their weight, they’ll get it done. (And so will that plumber—so call already!)


You’re a business owner, not a writer. No matter what your industry (sales, interior design, home repairs, fitness, services, etc.), that’s your expertise. When you try to add “writer” to your list of duties in your business, you’re not only adding to a full plate, you’re also trying to do things that you’re not an expert at. There are things we all outsource—I wouldn’t dream of trying to do my own taxes—and when you outsource your blog, you get professionally-written content that makes your business look good.


Once your blog is written, you have to get people to read it. That means using social channels and email marketing effectively to get the content in front of your audience. While some professional writers do strictly that—write the content, then hand it over to you—others will take the time to provide a featured image to accompany the blog, load it to your website, help you set up an RSS feed to your email list, post to social media, etc. All these are vital steps to making sure the content is read.

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Worry-Free Plan

While it may seem easy to sit down and whip out a few blog posts, being strategic about when you post about which topics is a much better system. A professional content writer can develop a strategy for your content that analyzes your past results and sets you up for success down the road. And because different mediums require a different strategy, a pro will help determine how to approach content for different goals.

It can be tough to turn over such a public piece of your business as the blog to another person. But when you hire the right professional to get it done and get it done right, your business will only benefit.

Not sure where to start? Schedule a Map It Out session with me. We’ll talk about your blogging needs and I’ll provide you a plan of action for getting your business on the online map with consistent blogging, email marketing, website content or social media.

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